the red drapes honestly feel a little more Lynch tho
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A shot-for-shot remake of the final sequence of Kubrick's opus magnum, within the confines of a Brooklyn apartment, starring and directed and etc by artist Lydia Cambron: 2020: An Isolation Odyssey
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This is equal parts brilliant and hilarious, as much as it shows again Kubrick's ability to tell a story without words.
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I thought the credits especially were both hilarious and said a lot about the experience of isolation.
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So should I synchronize this with Pink Floyd like the original, or is there a more appropriate accompaniment for 2020?
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It’s an interesting clip they selected. Human evolution gets a kick in the arse from an alien monolith and the star child is born. This allegory is fun.
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Frankly, I thought Dave had a nicer place.
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I've always loved that sequence so much. The weird underlighting, the jumps forward in time, the sound design, the old man makeup and the sheer audacity of ending a space adventure movie like that.

I love how she nails Keir Dullea's facial expressions and body language.
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The red curtains, thanks to Lynch, really evoke that seedy shadow world that lies just beneath the polished surface of our reality. True story: there was a house in my neighborhood, one of those houses built on a corner lot that it takes a certain kind of people to buy. Red velvety curtains were hanging in every window. One day the couple who lived there left on a trip. Everyone assumed their young kids went with them. Then, a few days later, the kids started to knock on the neighbors' doors asking for food. Family services came to pick up the kids, and notices and business cards left by social workers started to be taped to the front door of the house. The parents never came back. I thought maybe they were killed, or killed themselves, or something, and kept searching the news. But I think they just decided to leave and not take the kids with them. Then the house sold, the new family moved in, and the red curtains came down.
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Coulda done without the original film. We get it, it's a really close identical remake. But.. I just kept watching the Kubrick, and caught the remake in the corner of my eye. Oops.
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Stick around for the credits.
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This is so great, I love it. I will say, however, she doesn't quite capture the look of terror in Dave's eyes while he is still in his space suit, how you can see the whites of his eyes above his irises.
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Wonderful! Somehow put me in mind of Nina Katchadourian's Lavatory Portraits in the Flemish Style. And her lipsynch videos, but those aren't online. There's the same seriousness in engaging in a very silly reworking of very serious works, in a similar improvisational fashion. I love it.
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