Steven Seagal Choke Hold...Diorama
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Bobby Fingers has uploaded another diorama build video showcasing an incident between Steven Seagal and Gene LeBell. (Previously)

The video is much more than a look at the build process, including a cover of a Regina Spektor song as well as brief interviews with a witness and a NYPD detective. As the top youtube comment says: '[Fingers has] deftly filled the niche of “scale models of iconic embarrassing moments in the lives of famous monsters”'. The buried diorama has apparently already been found, as was the previous Mel Gibson diorama.
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"If you try and tell me Monster Clay is better, I'll find out where you live, and I'll push local dogshit through your letter box."
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Bobby Fingers is the greatest human being alive today.
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the writing style in the "an incident" link is certainly a thing
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from the fine video:

Steven Segal and Gene LeBelle
both masters in their respective crafts
forever locked in a battle between truth and fiction
and try as you might, no one man will ever have enough strength to bend the truth back into shape once it's been forever twisted into legend

These two men, part of a brotherhood that stretches back through time
to those who sucked marrow from a femur and saw it for the first time for a sword

we are men
we are beautiful and flawed
we are fathers, brothers, heroes, rapists, titans and clans
we've sired gods, vandalized the atom and danced in the oceans of the moon
but even the greatest of men is only a headlock away from shitting his pants
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This is so amazing on many levels. The artistry, the craft, the narration, the editing, the scavenger hunt. The attention to detail on the trailer alone is impressive.

The only critique: Gene’s right leg probably should be more in mid-sweep at that point in Seagal’s trajectory. You can perform this move without a leg sweep, but it requires a lower horse stance and you don’t generally get quite the same type of loft as a nice sweep gives you.

Nitpicky, I know, but this is MeFi after all.

Still, amazing.
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"... Much Ado About Punching"

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Absolute perfection.
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I've never felt more seen than by Bobby Fingers. What's amazing is my YouTube history shows me abandoning the Mel Gibson video half way through.

Reader I have no memory of that.
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I forgot to mention the kind of amazing AI-generated stills from Total Recall buried in the middle of the video.
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@abulafa - TBH, Mel probably doesn’t have a great memory of the incident, so no harm, no foul on your part.

Bobby Fingers, on the other hand, might be inspired to sculpt you abandoning his work mid-way and the infamy will haunt you.

Haaaauuunt youuuuu.
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For anyone who's like "oh yeah, I remember that guy, he sucks" but don't know the full extent of why he sucks, may I present to you the 3-part Dollop podcast deep-dive on him

Part 1 : Audio | Youtube

Part 2 : Audio | Youtube

Part 3 : Audio | Youtube

It really is incredible how hucksters could huckster in the days before there was an easy way to look up any such facts. Hell, even today's hucksters rely on being around during a time before you could easily verify that information, as seen recently on MeFi.
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Not a sentence I expected to write today: I very much enjoyed the massive fanny sidebar with the surrogate stuntman.

The whole thing is extremely Irish in the best possible way.
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Yesss I've been waiting for him to make another video. I've never seen a YouTube channel come out of the gate as strong as he did with that Gibson one.
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I mainly clicked on that link because I never get tired of hating on Steven Seagal and I never will, but what an unbelievable delight in every way.
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I need another eminently watchable 30+ minute YouTube video series like I need teeth in my butthole, but here I am - bookmarking Bobby Fingers videos for later.'s later.

This was fantastic
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This hits all my sweet spots! Thanks for this find, dude's a treasure.
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This was brilliant and weird. Was continually surprised by the indiscriminate and gleefully malicious shit-talking.

I wish I had the skill, imagination, and patience for this kind of art.
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Every time a great idea, well executed, comes along it warms my elderly heart.

Keep hope alive, people.
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I very much enjoyed this. It warms the cockles.
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I just remembered I have some college friends who were accosted by Segal in the parking lot of The Tonight Show after a taping in the early 90s, so I definitely need to track them down and share this.
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