Bobby Fingers Plays Fowl...Fabio-usly
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Greatest human alive today, Bobby Fingers, has released another video, researching and creating a diorama of the 1999 incident where heartthrob Fabio came back bloodied after participating in the inaugural ride of the "Apollo's Chariot" roller coaster at Busch Gardens.

Fingers also tries to get in good enough shape to become a "romance novel" cover model, and gets some help from Adam Savage and the Slow Mo Guys (Dan and Gav) test-firing ballistic gel "geese" at a recreation of Fabio's head at 75MPH. Fingers has also written a romance novel of his own, which he shares an excerpt from in the vid.
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Excellent deployment of “because of woke”.
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I saw this post in my RSS feed, and closed the tab I'd opened titled “Post a link | MetaFilter”.

Just an absolutely fantastic trio of videos. Absolutely view Bobby Fingers's video first, and if possible, try not to see the thumbnail for the Slow Mo Guys's video before you've seen that.
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Bobby Fingers is the greatest human being alive today.
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My household just had such a good laugh at the closing montage of the first video that we may need to take a break before the other two lest someone rupture something.
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Can't get over him showing his face so casually, after so many years of that being the whole bit with the Rubberbandits
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This is honestly one of the most brilliant things I've seen on the internet ever. That's it. That's the whole comment.
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I gasped upon reading this. I am so excited for more Bobby Fingers.
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Anyway, we greased up the ballistics gel goose with animal birthing lubricant.
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Man, I needed this today.
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Not enough Laura, but it was still excellent. And I'm still trying to process Fabio being vindicated. That slo-mo...
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Love that he starts this project off by having a go at the bird crowd.
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Yeah he got me good for my Canada Goose pedantry.
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Pre/post watch soundtrack to set the mood: Fabio After Dark

(Released in 1993, a few years before the goose incident.)
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Hey does anyone know what he means when he is talking about "Brendan Board"? It looks like mat board or foam core, but in this video he softens it up for bending in boiling water, so it must be some kind of plastic? I realize that Bobby Fingers is probably not the place to go for model making tutorials, but I'm curious.
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As always in a Fingers video, it's worth it to pay attention to the small details. For example, the title of other tabs in his browser if he's using the internet.
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Fabio's face is the Randy Johnson fastball of faces.
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I have a strong desire to Photoshop goose-deformed ballistics gel Fabio faces onto his body on his romance novel covers
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I have a strong desire to Photoshop

I would strongly encourage you to do this. I believe Mr. Fingers would approve.
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what he means when he is talking about "Brendan Board"? It looks like mat board or foam core

I'm pretty sure he is talking about PVC foam board, maybe a brand name?
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Have you even been to Norway?
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I enjoyed when Adam Savage was reminiscing about the MythBusters crew, and how it became a polished machine for pulling off crazy stunts weekly.

I work in practical special effects for film and tv, and I still can't get over the scale of the machine required to do an air cannon, or any other mechanical effect reliably and repeatedly.

You start with crew, often holding a hundred years experience between them, ideally with a diverse selection of trades from welding to plumbing to electronics.

Most crews have a shop that stores all the specialty equipment like cannons, fog machines, pneumatic ratchets, car hoppers etc etc.

If it was built in the past, and it was figured it would come up again it was kept, and crated, and labeled, with instructions inside on how to run it, because it was probably a pain the arse to figure out the first time.

The shop also has full fabrication facilities for welding, machining, woodworking, mold making and casting. Which allows you to take on any common request quickly, with at least a basic stock of materials on hand to get you started.

If you are doing a build on a weekend you need all the hardware fast so the shop gets stocked with every conceivable size of nut and bolt, as well as a pretty comprehensive selection of plumbing, gas, hydraulic and air fittings. There are also boxes upon boxes of everything you might need that takes a while to source, all on shelves, all organized and labeled.

On set you'll have close by an effects trailer, that like the shop also has everything you could conceivably need to pull off most any mechanical effect on set on short notice. Plus a wide selection of fittings and a full drawer of metric hardware (which we never use but is on all the camera equipment, and we like thank you beers). There are racks upon racks of valves, springs, hoses, rigging etc etc etc.

And there is always a mono kit, with a comprehensive selection of every size and type of fishing line for when things need a bit of help getting to where they need to be on

Having all this kit helps us pull off miracles. The director wants an impromptu rainstorm? (hydrant kit and some rain heads are in the belly bin), to a sudden need to write in a campfire scene (propane, hoses, a selection of custom fabricated nozzles to cover everything from a candelabra to a blast furnace are with the propane gack).

All of the above has to be constantly maintained, checked, tested, restocked and organized.

The reason for all this prep? Even on a small tv production there will be a few hundred people on the shooting crew, add up the wages, the equipment, rentals and actors and every minute on a film set represents tens of thousands of dollars being set on fire. Delays or failures are unacceptable.

So yeah, safely pulling off an air cannon gag on his own (or with a smaller crew that doesn't do this kind of thing weekly), full props to Adam, that's damn hard, and stressful.

I know whenever I'm working at home or on a small indie film I feel like I've amputated a limb not having the huge machine backing me up.
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"I bought a goose off the internet and I printed it and I painted it and I stuck it in the goose hole."

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In the opening moments he says "Canadian Goose". I opened my mouth to say something to my friend about it, thought about it for a moment, and then just said, "he's trolling me."
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then just said, "he's trolling me."

We don't know: Busch Gardens is 400 miles from the border, so a highly motivated Canadian Canada goose could fly that in a day if it was clear sighted enough to see the opportunity to one day become immortalised in this diorama.
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“He took a duck in the face at 250 knots.”
― William Gibson in Pattern Recognition
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Bobby Fingers restores my love of the internet once again.
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Fingers's YouTube account has 8 videos. Has there been more in the past? I'd never heard of him before.
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You may know him from half of the rubber bandits: (NSFW, strong language)
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I'm pretty sure he is talking about PVC foam board, maybe a brand name?

He has a long running joke that products in Ireland have special names.
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Best bit of this was the start when the axe was taken to the head of Jeff Bezos. Worst bit was finding out it wasn't Jeff Bezos.
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oh wait, it WAS Bezos!

Best. Video. Ever.
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