Defending Everything But Your Time
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Rails of War is a terrific flash game, where you equip a train with ever-increasing combinations of weapons and guide it through various missions. It is a representative of the growing number of Defense-style flash strategy games started by Tower Defense and friends, which we discussed before. Now you can try Age of War, where you try to destroy an opponents base through five distinct eras; Invasion Tactical Defense where you must manage a nuclear missile plant and its anti-aircraft defenses; the inevitable and previously mentioned zombie defense games; StarCraft FA5, where you are the Zerg defending your base; and the lovely and abstract Red. These is a particularly addictive class of games, so be warned...
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I was just playing Age of War before loading this up. I can't get past the second stage on impossible. I'll have to check out the rest of these.
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Also my ability to defend my grammar seems to have left me as the many errors in the FPP indicate. If any admin wants to fix any of these issues, so that I don't get too mocked by the Language Cabal, I would appreciate it.
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This greatly appeals to my love of trains and stuff that blows up.
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It also appeals to my love of secret train conspiracies. I will pretend that I am leaving Mulder in the middle of no where on a secret train car.

Also: I need a faster computerlator.
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Hate to be a pail of wet sand, but hasn't the expiration date on Tower Defense games arrived yet? It's starting to become the next Asteroids/Tetris/Shanghai/Breakout/Marble Madness/Puzzloop/Puzzle Bobble.
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That is to say, a game that everyone copies, ad (infinit|nause)um.
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(Eh, ignore me. I shouldn't complain. Obviously there's still some life in the genre. My apologies.)
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Here are some I came across recently:
bloons tower defense 2
budapest defenders
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Well, I'm not sure Rails of War can be really considered what most people think of as a tower game. Sure, you make purchases for greater defensive power. But it's on a train that moves, and you get to direct the firing of the train. Which is a lot more interactive than any tower games I've played so far.

I mean, I guess it is technically a defense style game, but this game is far beyond what I expected. I expected somehow that a train had been shoehorned into the more specific tower defense area of the genera. Which is way too static for me.

I find it pretty exciting. The graphics style reminds me a little of Microsoft's Close Combat games.
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also storm winds
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Red is not really tower defense either, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome. 251 seconds!
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IMO best of breed is Vector Tower Defense
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Thanks .... just in time for finals.
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I found The Last Stand to be very good. I also liked Army of Destruction, and if you haven't seen it, you should definitely try the Flash version of Portal.
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Awesome. That was much better than I expected.
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The best thing about this post is that the 'set it and forget it' amount of attention a towers game requires means that I can play all of these at the same time.

*remembers playing TD in starcraft scm maps
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I think onalark meant to link here for the Flash version of Portal.
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Thermo storm
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color wars has a "you got yer ikaruga gameplay mechanic in my geometry wars knockoff" thing going on.
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