The Power of Paint
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Is it Friday yet? "Tag: The Power of Paint is a free, first-person puzzle platformer which focuses on the players’ ability to modify their environment as they see fit, simply by painting it." (Windows)
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FAIL for the "mac version" link pointing to Apple's Boot Camp page. Thats just shitty.
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So what if there's no mac version? Windows is 89% of the desktops. Mac OS is 9%. Macs have roughly the same market share as Betamax in 1986.

Look on the bright side, your computers are white and aluminum. That's fun too, right?
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Software for other types of computers or operating systems should be kept separate from, but equal to, each other.
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The walkthrough looks kind of cool. Is there a level editor, I wonder?
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I think the point is that if there is no actual Mac version, then don't provide a "Mac version download" link that is not actually a Mac version download link.
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let me make this clear: mac users (and I'm solidly in both camps, here, but I love my mac more so I feel your pain), on behalf of the makers of this game (who I do not represent, but fuck it) I wholly apologize for their link to bootcamp behind the mac link. that's bad form.

now, since it is a windows only app, hopefully we can put this mess behind us and discuss the game as a game rather than a statement of platform preference.

unfortunately, i can't play it right now, despite it sounding kind of awesome, because I only have macs at work.
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I didnt mean to start anything, I just thought it was snarky and like shmegegge said "in bad form"
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Echo target: Yes

Q: Is there a level editor?
A: Yes. Bring down the console with the ‘~’ key, then type editor to toggle the editor.
Note: We do not officially support the level editor for public use so please don’t ask us how it works.

And yeah, there's no question, these guys are somewhat deficient in the marketing department.
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ok, having watched a portion of the walkthrough, I gotta say this game looks fuckin' ballin'. That's a really creative little premise they've going on there.

and at first I thought it was called The Power of Paint because, you know, Spray Paint. But the more I watch the way the paint hits the environment in this game the more I think it's because they modeled the spray paint after the Spray tool in MS Paint.
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Thats just shitty.

Uh, it's a free game that's a student project and you're complaining about it not running on a small share of computers?
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Uh, it's a free game that's a student project and you're complaining about it not running on a small share of computers?

No, he's not. Let's move on, shall we?
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Unless I miss my guess, this post needs the "Metafilter's own" tag - though I'll be buggered if I can remember who it is.
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My graphics card wasn't good enough for them. Can I bitch and moan?

Looks like a cool thing, though. It feels like the 80s again, what with all these small teams making novel gaming concepts.
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Runs quite playably in wine, though I get no sound and the graphics are buggy. (Although I've had sound problems with other games, and my wine settings almost certainly aren't optimized.)

(Lesson: Mac users whine. Linux users tell you how well it runs in wine.)

This game is really, really cool. I mean, it's frustrating a lot in that you have to line up jumps to land on platforms, which is just always annoying in FPSes, but it's too much fun to really complain about a systemic problem. I don't like how the gun’s power doesn't vary with distance, as that would have added a very interesting interaction with the environment, but I'm sure it's much easier to treat the paint stream as having near-infinite power for both design and programming purposes (but I'm mostly guessing). Glad I downloaded it and took a chance.
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I went to look for the "mac version" link and I can't find it. Where is it?
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I approve of the the "gun-as-tool" mechanic that's been emerging recently. This looks like a lot of fun.
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I agree, lekvar. I want to see a whole genre emerge of games where the "gun" is a tool for changing the environment instead of a way to directly damage enemies. Or to put it another way: More Games Should Be Inspired By Portal.

Can you think of any other examples besides this, Portal, and the Half-Life Gravity Gun?
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Can you think of any other examples besides this, Portal, and the Half-Life Gravity Gun?

Fracture, which seems to unfortunately be a terrible game, off the top of my head.

I think Super Mario Sunshine might count, as well, now that I think of it.
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Ideas Free For Stealing: Mass Gun - increase/decrease object's mass. Vector Gun - apply velocity to an object along one of its six axes. Spin Gun - rotate an object about one of its three axes. Bouncy Gun - change an object's elasticity. Phase Gun - make an object or surface briefly intangible. Friction Gun - increase/decrease friction of an object or surface. Size Gun - increase/decrease size of an object (with or without mass change). Static Gun - cause an object or surface to be sticky. Weird Gravity Gun - mess with the gravity of an object, causing other objects / characters to be attracted to or repelled by it. Oxidation Gun - cause an object to rapidly combust and/or explode.

Gameplay: something like first-person 3D Tetris and/or billiards. Challenge: make it more fun than stacking crates.
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I haven't played it, but I'm under the impression that Team Fortress 2 has a medic with a "heal" gun. (kinda an interesting inversion of the usual gun mechanic)

It's been a while since I last played it, but I seem to remember that Cube/Saurbraten has a "point-and-shoot" environment modification feature. Also, Gerry's Mod for HL2/CounterStrike.
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