October 5, 2002


Syd Barrett is still alive, surprisingly.
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"We all do it...

"We all do it... We watch our favorite shows and speculate and discuss with our friends... Now, Slack Street presents BuffyRadio, a new concept in talk radio commentary..." Kinda like voiceover commentary in DVDs, but featuring the voices of fans. It's still pretty rough. "Phone lines are open! Oh crap! We don't have any phones!" They're working on ways of getting input from listeners as they record their broadcasts. Great start though. I'd like to see/hear similar program formats dissecting CSI and other stuff.
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So Exactly Why Doesn't Nicole Kidman Want This Commercial To Be Shown In The U.S.?

So Exactly Why Doesn't Nicole Kidman Want This Commercial To Be Shown In The U.S.? Here in Portugal, for instance, you can't blink without seeing the ruddy thing. Movie stars increasingly have a very profitable but extremely embarrassing advertising life which they're understandbly keen to keep secret from the American market. Wonderful websites like Japander (do check out Jodie Foster's endorsements of the Honda Civic Ferio and Keri Cosmetics, won't you?) conspire to keep them deservedly humble. So why does this double standard exist? Do these movie stars really think that globalization (not to mention the Internet) is just a myth?
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Pilot parachutes plane to safety.

Pilot parachutes plane to safety. Never before had a certified aircraft used a parachute to land. But that all changed Thursday afternoon when a pilot in distress used Cirrus' parachute system to successfully bring his disabled airplane to earth. Plane malfunctioning? Release the rip cord! More inside.
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While trying to pull up a favorite website I find the USG (Unix Security Guards), a group of so called pro Islamic hackers, have shut the site down. It's all well and good to be protesting the Middle East conflict by interrupting a night of jolly surfing, but why a rock and roll website? Damn hacktivist groups.

Good job punks!
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Becoming Human

Becoming Human is a site by the ASU Institute for Human Origins, and its focus is human evolution and the hominid fossil record. Equally notable is the Smithsonian's Human Origins Program. Perhaps the most in-depth site I've found, however, is Modern Human Origins. It's incredibly detailed (down to diagnostic characteristics of individual fossils), and accurate as far as I can tell. Just don't forget about Sahelanthropus Tchadensis, the most recent and oldest (6-7 million years) find in our possible family tree. Good stuff for Science Saturday.
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Tired of the same old invective?

Tired of the same old invective? Looking for a fresh source of conflict, namecalling, and finger pointing? Fear not: the Routiers (an Aussie historical recreation group) lay into the Society for Creative Anachronism. Merry japes ensue. And, a pig.
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The Art of James Bond

The Art of James Bond captures the aesthetic of a character Martin Amis called "lonely, melancholic, in some way ravaged... dark and brooding in expression, of a cold or cynical veneer, and above all enigmatic, in possession of a sinister secret." Of course, the movies are a different story.
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Another awful D.J. prank....

Another awful D.J. prank.... not even a prank, just plain cruelty: calling Darryl Kile's widow on-air and asking if she has a date to Thursday night's playoff game. Funny, eh?
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Portrait tattoos have a long history in tattoo art. Some believe that wearing an image calls the spirit of that image. With this in mind, it is both amusing and baffling to see the cast of characters that people choose to immortalize.
OK, chances are you never would, but if you simply had to make a decision about having someone's portrait tattooed on your body, whose spirit would you choose to call up?
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Iranian bloggers

Iranian bloggers are being credited with being at the forefront of an underground movement which is undermining the fundamentalist hierarchy. Perhaps we should blog Iraq.
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Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's was born one hundred years ago today. Regardless of how you feel about their burgers, you have to agree that McDonald's has certainly changed the world, for better or for worse.
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Celebrity Mugshots.

Celebrity Mugshots.
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"By removing both costs and the barriers, weblogs have drained publishing of its financial value, making a coin of the realm unnecessary. A lot of people in the weblog world are asking "How can we make money doing this?" The answer is that most of us can't." Though he finally admits: "Right now, the people who have profited most from weblogs are the people who've written books about weblogging."
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Intresting.... Took me a while before I realized what was going on, but still quite cool
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Conservative's Top 40

Conservative's Top 40 The list itself might not be perfect, but the concept is interested. What do you think are the greatest conservative (or liberal, for that matter) hits?
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Have a hankering for theoretical physics, but don't know where to get your fix? The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, funded by the NSF and the University of California, can help! I stumbled on it while looking up photon entanglement on google, and was delighted to find a section of the site with complete audio (and often slides as well) from over a hundred speakers at dozens of different conferences. If you need a place to start, I suggest Black Holes: Theory Confronts Reality, Three Years Later and the ITP Public Lecture Series.
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Washington, D.C. Killing Linked To At Least Three Of The Montgomery County, Maryland Shootings

Washington, D.C. Killing Linked To At Least Three Of The Montgomery County, Maryland Shootings The ballistics tests reported last night established the connection between the District shooting [Thursday night]and three of the Thursday morning attacks in Montgomery. and in the same story: Man Tied to Militia Groups Sought for Questioning, N.C. Police Say . . . The Raleigh News & Observer said a bulletin from the ATF said the man had once lived in North Carolina and had been affiliated with militia and white supremacist groups. I can't find out why the authorities want to talk to this man, just that he isn't a "suspect" yet, but is wanted for questioning.
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"WAAABOOOOM!!! A flash of light followed by a concussion of air shook the RPG fence in front of me and the safe house windows behind me."
It seems like in the end, all good things come together. Blogging and WAR: united at last!
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