April 6, 2016

"Then I fell face-first on the ground."

Being a 'dumb girl' in Computer Science
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25 Innocent Coloring Book Pictures Made Instantly NSFW

Exactly what it says in the title. [SL-CollegeHumour]
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An API of Ice And Fire

According to Joakim Smoog, its developer, “[This] is the world's greatest source for quantified and structured data from the universe of Ice and Fire (and the HBO series Game of Thrones).” (Documentation) via
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It’s hard for me to consider a penis in my mouth as “impersonal.”

It’s a “blow job” because it’s work: How guys push women to make oral sex as common as shaking hands
How oral sex became a teen's workaround, a path to popularity -- but rarely the road to reciprocated pleasure
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Unfriending the University of Northern New Jersey

The US Department of Homeland Security created a fake for-profit institution, the University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ), as part of a sting operation targeting student-visa fraud. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the demise of UNNJ's Facebook page, which featured photos of a mysterious cup of coffee and condolences for the fictional death of the fictional president's mother.
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Ain't Misbehavin' - Louis Armstrong transfer from a master disc

Listen to this 1929 Louis Armstrong recording cleaner than you have ever heard, thanks to Nick Dellow's audio transfer from a mother record shipped by Okeh to Germany for their Odeon pressings. (slyt)
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Whatsapp enables end to end encryption for a billion people

Whatsapp is now the mostly widely used end to end crypto tool on the planet. Working with Moxie Marlinspike of Open Whisper Systems the Facebook owned messaging system is now using the Signal protocol for encryption. [more inside]
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Four Years a Student-Athlete

On the racial injustice of big-time college sports: "Amateurism rules restrain campus athletes—and only campus athletes, not campus musicians or campus writers—from earning a free-market income, accepting whatever money, goods, or services someone else wants to give them. And guess what? In the revenue sports of Division I football and men's basketball, where most of the fan interest and television dollars are, the athletes are disproportionately black."
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Merle Haggard 1937-2016

Merle Haggard 1937-2016 [more inside]
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The Global Makeup Gorillas

Who owns who? Corporate ownership of global makeup brands (Avery Mae Beauty blog) [more inside]
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How to Write a History of Video Game Warfare

How to Write a History of Video Game Warfare - A look at journalist Andrew Groen's new book, Empires of Eve, a detailed history of The Great War in Eve Online, a MMORPG of spaceships, star systems, intrigue, betrayal, and diplomacy.

And for a more academic look at the game, Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business, also recently published. (Link for those with university Shibboleth access)
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“Whoops, I lost me muff!”

Arno the socialite stayed at the Ritz-Carlton until dawn, keeping Frazier company, and was captured in photos holding her hand while the 17-year-old looks utterly exhausted by the event. (She was.) Five nights earlier, Arno the satirist and his friends—publisher Condé Nast and George Balanchine among them—held a well-publicized debut at the nightclub Chez Firehouse for Miss Wilma Baard. A fashion model, Baard had spent much of her childhood on a Hoboken tugboat captained by her father, so reporters at the event dubbed it the debut of “Tugboat Minnie.” “I think most debutantes are dopes,” she told reporters. While Arno and his friends worked the receiving line in shifts, she stood there for hours, saying only of society that it made “my feet hurt.” - The Double Life of Peter Arno, The New Yorker's Most Influental Cartoonist by Ben Schwartz (NSFW warning: butts)
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UConn Basketball Completes Four-Year Sweep

The University of Connecticut Huskies have won their fourth straight NCAA Division I women's basketball championship, dominating Syracuse in the championship game 82-51. Power forward/center Breanna Stewart won the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four for an unprecedented fourth time (she was also the first freshman to win it, and the first player to win it three times). Stewart had promised two years ago that she would bring four titles home to Storrs, and she delivered. [more inside]
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Eight years of AGILE experience. Also, I'm a dog.

Rupert Murdog pities the fool who recruits a dog.
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Deconstructed anything, food on boards, ironic seating among other sins.

Questionable restaurant trends. (slBuzzfeedlisticle) [more inside]
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So Much Is Said By Saying Nothing

“Déjeuner du Matin” (YouTube), a short film adaptation of Jacques Prévert's poem about the last moments of a relationship. [more inside]
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Mapping lead exposure risk by census tract

Vox, with the help of the Washington State Department of Health, has used "housing and poverty data in our calculations to [map] areas of risk" for lead poisoning. [more inside]
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Trevor Noah didn't fall from the sky.

The Funny Thing About Race in South Africa
It's 1948 and it's the first day of apartheid in South Africa. A jazzy tune is playing, the sun is shining and some white people are lying on blankets on a grassy embankment. A familiar sign pops up: "Whites Only." The camera pans onto a young black man who is taking his place on the lawn as a security officer approaches. "Apartheid? Ahhh, it's today?" he says, as he's being led off the screen. "Man, I thought it was next week."
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I Can't Give Everything Away

The Immortal David Bowie continues to make his presence felt with the release of the animated video for the closing track from ★, I Can't Give Everything Away. The video was created by Jonathan Barnbrook, who has done art direction for Bowie albums since 2002, and created the packaging for ★.
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Interactive Fiction has a convention of rating how cruel a game is

Is this Cruel, y/n? In my hunt for the most interesting and bewildering wikis, I discovered the IF wiki, and it yielded a cruelty system that isn't only explained in the permanence of actions - but also described in save file usage. [more inside]
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The Scars Project

Australian artist Whitney Develle has started a project to offer free tattoos to survivors of self harm. "The way the tattoo made her feel, it was like she was wearing armour on top of her scars." "They can receive some closure and find confidence again."
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New York Times has a Conversation on Race

A Conversation on Race. With Asians. With Latinos. With Black Women. With Police. With White People.
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The Show About The Show

This self-referential scripted series by Brooklyn filmmaker Caveh Zahedi is about him trying to make a TV show. Co-starring Alex Karpovsky, Eleonore Hendricks, Dustin Defa, as well as his wife and children, the intensity of the series rapidly increases as his brutal honesty about the production causes tension with his staff and family, but the honesty continues.
Here is a trailer which sums up the show, and this is the first episode.

On another note, here is Will Oldham starring in Tripping With Caveh.
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BABYMETAL Makes Their U.S. Television Debut

Babymetal (previously) have released their second album (Metal Resistance) on april first (dubbed Fox Day). To promote the release they appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert yesterday. [more inside]
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No Spingus Pelb Only Final Destination

On April Seriousness Day, Vinny from Vinesauce streamed himself playing and watching four instalments of an obscure but beloved video game franchise. What, you've never heard of Scrimmy Bingus "and the" Crungy Spingus? [more inside]
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San Francisco Rock: A Night At the Family Dog

Santana, Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead were filmed on February 4, 1970 by WNET. Each band had two songs on TV, and then they all jammed together. Not a single word: just music. Article about the show. The set list for the show with a video of each song is inside. [more inside]
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