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February 28

Hello ladies.

Hello ladies.
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The Election Story Never Told

The Election Story Never Told On it’s face, this article is about corruption in Florida before the election. It is still basically an known story in the US, but it is very popular in Britain. Also of note is the continued record of a lazy corporate media refusing to do any sort of journalistic legwork.
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World's steepest street claims a life.

World's steepest street claims a life. 'What appears as a young couple out to have a bit of fun with a wheelie-bin has ended in tragedy.'
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Guess what? Kids are interested in guns.
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MSNBC hacked.

MSNBC hacked. That faith-based missle defense thing again. Check it out, good-looking hack. I might put up a mirror if it gets changed.
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Lawyers fail to fulfill social duties

Lawyers fail to fulfill social duties Thank the good lord we do not have a similar problem in the United States!
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Do you have too much Freedom?

Do you have too much Freedom?
Might be interesting to all except for the ideology sales pitch at the end. Here is where the warning that it is a Harry Browne/Libertarian penned article goes. George Bush is a Communitarian?
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Latest on Christopher Lydon's lockout from The Connection

Latest on Christopher Lydon's lockout from The Connection Not being a Bostonian, I was late to the news that the host of the only call-in show I think is listenable has been locked out by WBUR in a dispute over money. I don't know who's got the best case: but I know that his is one of the few radio talk shows -- and the only call-in show -- I care to listen to anymore. Sensibility and intelligence very uncharacteristic of a major media outlet. And there'll be one less reason to listen to my NPR station any more if he's gone.
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The state of Florida has charged a teenage student with a felony violation of a wiretapping law for taping her chemistry class lecture.
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Big earthquake hits downtown Seattle

Big earthquake hits downtown Seattle I'm sitting at work in the Real Networks building. We have just experienced close to a minute of jostling and shaking. There is now a six foot crack on the wall of my office. Looking around, nothing appears to have fallen over, but there are crowds of people on the sidewalks. [I'll post a link in a comment when king5 gets around to reporting it.]
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Mmmmm. Hu-ming.

Mmmmm. Hu-ming. A British archaeologist finds evidence that cannibalism still existed amongst the Celts as recently as two thousand years ago, during Roman Times.

One grisly find includes a femur which had been split lengthways in order to scrape the marrow out. Tastemungus mates :)
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Kathicam.com is fake! [NYTimes, free reg. req.]

Kathicam.com is fake! [NYTimes, free reg. req.] A new twist in advertising online? ESPN.com has created a fake website called kathicam.com, put up a blinding pink background and created a character who writes poetry, has a webcam, is sorta attractive, and hates ESPN.com. Each page of "kathi's" site has a prominent link to ESPN.com, and they've gotten a ton of click-through traffic. Inspired? Insipid?
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The Unimog, a converted German military vehicle manufactured by Daimler-Chrysler will be sold as a luxury vehicle in the US later this year. (This ten-foot-tall, six-ton beast dwarfs the Hummer.) According to Unimog marketing manager Bruce Barnes, "even in Scottsdale, Arizona, moms will want to take it to the grocery store. It's a head-turning vehicle." It seems to me this thing pretty much condemns itself, but here's a tree-hugging press release to chew on.
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Blogging On

Blogging On
I'm in the first paragraph of this San Fransisco Chronicle article on weblogs and Blogger. I interviewed with Mr. Yim last month as "someone who reads a lot of weblogs" and he complimented me on my own work. However, it seems he pulled a Newsweek on me and although he included me in the first paragraph of the piece he didn't include the url for my site, Retrospection, in the final article! Huh.
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Trailer Trash get their own website.

Trailer Trash get their own website. Those living in doublewides get their own community. Slow to load but an enjoyable read.
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"They're going to kill us eventually," one top TV network executive said.

"They're going to kill us eventually," one top TV network executive said. TV advertising faces a new challenge. They might actually have to make their ads so that people actually want to watch them. Imagine that!
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Belgium agrees to legalize pot

Belgium agrees to legalize pot Will this change in the legalization of pot change in our country too some 75 years from now?
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are behind a wave of burglaries in the port city of Durban" "The adaptable vervets have become ingenious and efficient raiders who break into houses..." / "The monkeys, about 75 centimetres tall, like to squeeze through security bars and small windows." / "Police have rejected the idea of shooting or poisoning the monkeys, but that does not stop residents from taking potshots at monkeys that feed in their suburban gardens. The gunshot victims - those that survive..."
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Yet another rail crash

Yet another rail crash in the UK, and trains are still not back to normal in the wake of the last one. It will be interesting to see how this increases road travel, something the country clearly isn't prepared for.
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Mardi Gras riots

Mardi Gras riots are a disturbing trend as almost every celebration these days turns bad. What's different that these things happen? My personal experience in Seattle inside (because it's a self-link)
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Top Brazilian performers refuse to sing it. A big-city mayor begged radio stations not to play it. Women say it is degrading and dangerous. It's the Face Slap, an uptempo ditty about a woman who asks her lover to hit her.
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February 27

"This stuff is still great."

"This stuff is still great." Paul Ford reminds us, as ever, why we're here, and thinks smart about the downturn: "We thought that Metcalfe's law on networks and Moore's law on processor power would change everything. But people don't change every 18 months; cultures don't start moving faster than processors. People don't increase their value with the increase in value."
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The next must have tech gadget

The next must have tech gadget is on its way this fall. Sure it probably weighs 50 pounds, but it's just too damn sweet not to get.
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eBay takes a leaf out of eToys' book.

eBay takes a leaf out of eToys' book. Everybody's favourite auction site is threatening legal action against EBay Pty Limited, an Australian company that’s been around for twenty years but only got online recently. eBay has the ebay.com.au domain name, so EBay bought ebayaust.com in late 1999 for their small business selling self-published books.

Now eBay wants EBay to stop using the name both online and offline, the latter of which seems highly dubious given the relative ages of the companies.

In what is becoming an increasingly global marketplace, where do we draw the line between disparate companies with similar names?
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Canadian World Domination.

Canadian World Domination. It's all about the beer, the beavers, and total and utter capitulation from the rest of the civilized world.
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Unholy war in the Holy Land

Unholy war in the Holy Land Though the Israeli and Arab conflict seems nearly always on the front pages of the papers, here is a minor religious struggle going on in area, an area where claim, counter claim, strife, bitterness and emotional toil seem the order of the day. This just odd enough to stand as symbolic of the area and its uniqueness.
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Thrown off the scent.

Thrown off the scent. A fascinating story about The Pill and its effect on women's mate choice, and the effect of these choices on evolution. T-shirts belonging to unknown men were given to women to smell. All they had to do was say which smelt best. Women on the pill chose exactly the opposite t-shirts to those that didn't - find me free will, personal taste and the nature / culture divide in that if you can... [found via Plastic - and if you want to talk about that, then click here]
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Grrrlz R the future of computerz!

Grrrlz R the future of computerz! A suprisingly warm-hearted and atypically unguyish analysis of the “ridiculous” new iMac colours and what they represent for future computer use. If Apple blew it by not letting teenage boys play games, are they smart to make iMacs attractive to sensitive, design-focused people (including grrrlz) as so-called digital hubs? Or will the boyz shoot ’em up on Wintel while the grrrlz rip boy-band MP3s on groovy iMacs? (My claim: Bondi blue remains the bestest iMac shade ever. Discuss.)
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Joe Isuzu is Back!!!

Joe Isuzu is Back!!! "He is not going to be this smarmy, lying, bad car salesman person. He is going to be more corporate."
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Ted no longer 'owns' Braves

Ted no longer 'owns' Braves Hey all of you who hate the Atlanta Braves: Here's at least one positive result of the AOL/Time Warner Merger.
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hoursong: A streaming index of songs based on ideas and associations to a different theme. Whether it's the song, the artist, the album, the lyrics, the video, whatever; the theme can be tied to anything, and everyone can submit their own song that relates. You can also create discussion and song threads on every submission.
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The Marine Corps is preparing to unveil perhaps the biggest breakthrough in weapons since the atomic bomb — a nonlethal weapon that fires directed energy at human targets. The Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System is designed to stop an individual in his tracks and make him turn and flee.
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Cam thinks Metafilter's 'ruined'

Cam thinks Metafilter's 'ruined' Too many idiots and stupid posts? Thoughts?
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Could sharesniffer

Could sharesniffer be the reason I'm getting so many more netbios attempts on my ADSL machine recently?
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Foot and

Foot and mouth disease in cattle is not the same as Hand, foot and mouth disease in humans. This, I found out only today.
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London's Millennium Dome

London's Millennium Dome for sale, or at least its contents, which are being auctioned today at bargain-basement prices (view live online here.) Meanwhile former Dome boss PY Gerbeau, hoping to buy the attraction itself, wins an injunction to remove hundreds of items from the auction. This photostory shows the carnage as the Dome's insides are ripped out in preparation for this year's biggest yard sale: a sad and humiliating end.
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You sleep around, you get diseases.

You sleep around, you get diseases. A "proof of concept" virus based on Gnutella appeared last weekend; it's benign but the next ones won't be. Why do people do this?
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When the muse has struck/knowledge and form are entwined/in geeky haiku

When the muse has struck/knowledge and form are entwined/in geeky haiku - (how to decode DVDs) [via /usr/bin/girl]
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Proof that aliens *did* probe me.
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The Bush Pardons

The Bush Pardons More pardon fun!... An interesting flip side to the pardon coin.
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OpenCola Soft Drink™

OpenCola Soft Drink™ "source code" has been released under General Public License and is freely available for download from their website. It marks the first time that open-source licensing has been applied to a consumer product. Or so they say.
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AOL Dominates Web Traffic,

AOL Dominates Web Traffic, according to Jupiter Media Metrix, who found that AOL Time Warner’s combined share of the time Americans spent online last month was 33(!) percent.
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"Where does it take you when you make a sound out of a photograph?"

"Where does it take you when you make a sound out of a photograph?" To some very interesting places, if you're DJ Scanner and you're taking a break from turntables and samplers to play with something called a Metasynth. What pop star's picture would you want to see "photo-synthesized"?
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February 26

Have you been getting those annoying ICQ ad banners like me? Well, it appears that AOL/TimeWarner has been testing out ads in the ICQ IM interface. The backlash has begun. Here's a site that'll tell you how to get rid of some of the banners. My friend's also gone ahead and taken the liberty to hack the ICQ dll that causes the ads to appear and has full instructions on how to remove the ads permanently from your ICQ. Hurry and grab those dll's before he gets slashdotted!
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Pot criticises kettles for chromatic similitude.

Pot criticises kettles for chromatic similitude. Now, on the one hand, it's refreshing that the US State Department acknowledges the human rights abuses of allies such as Israel; but this annual catalogue of the world's foibles smacks just a little of sanctimonious short-sightedness. But I'm torn on this one: are such state-sponsored surveys a useful basis on which to judge the "ethical" basis of foreign policy, or are they propaganda exercises, designed to direct attention away from domestic failures and to paper over the hypocrisies of policy?
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Cyber Soap

Cyber Soap PC World is trying to sell magazines, but could it also be entertaining?
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New to computers? Confused by that message telling you to "hit any key"? Get professional help here. Now, aren't you glad you bought a Compaq?
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Fat is only ugly until you put a nipple on it.

Fat is only ugly until you put a nipple on it.
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Wanna see a picture of Satan?

Wanna see a picture of Satan?
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“Although I firmly believe that my panties abduction was real, I have tried to be as broad-minded as possible and show as much integrity as I can in questioning myself and the whole terrible experience.”
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It's official. There was life on Mars!!!

It's official. There was life on Mars!!! "I am convinced that this is supporting evidence for the presence of ancient life on Mars,'' said Kathie Thomas-Keprta, an astrobiologist at the space center and the first author of a study appearing Tuesday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Boy Genius.

Boy Genius. I'm incredibly impressed by Aaron. I sat behind him today at a meeting about RDF technology and I was floored with his level of understanding. Far beyond what I was grasping. The catch? He's a 9th grader at the North Shore Country Day School. jesus.
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99 Minute CDRs

99 Minute CDRs , how do they cram these extra minutes into CDs, what next? Why 120 minute CDRs(german) of course.
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If Napster does die, what then?

If Napster does die, what then? Industry Standard relays a report that investor Bertelsmann isn't just sitting there waiting for the axe to fall. They may be behind the development of their own Napster clone—Snoopster—to move in on the wide-open territory Napster leaves behind. The catch? Snoopster only searched online services, not your own files. Services like... Napster.
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Schadenfreude update: eToys has officially announced it will file Chapter 7 and liquidate in 5-10 days. And, as expected, Disney started Round 2 of layoffs from its cash-hemmoraghing operation, this time gutting ABCNEWS.com and ABC.com. Predictions as to who's next?
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Powazek on Metafilter

Powazek on Metafilter Not sure if this has been posted before, but I just found it on a new sub-site of Communication Arts that appears to be more focussed on web design. Derek is writing a book on online communities, but I still got the impression that the interviewer didn't know who he was.
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Ow my head hurts

Ow my head hurts Doctors operate on the wrong part of a mans brain because the CT scan is placed backwards on the viewing screen. Doh!
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Dan Rhodes

Dan Rhodes is a talented British author whose books have been recommended to me by many web-people, and now he's got a website. It's an opportunity to sample his Anthropology collection (hit refresh a few times), and boasts a reviews page which should please fans of the Eggers Po-Mo style. What I think is interesting about Rhodes is how much his little stories remind me of the tiny vignettes you find in, uh, 'daily web publishing'.
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from this weeks nyt mag: a fantastic article by the always-excellent michael lewis: Jonathan Lebed: Stock Manipulator, S.E.C. Nemesis -- and 15
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Undervote Count Supports Bush Win

Undervote Count Supports Bush Win I'd like to believe that this will put an end to the endless whining, but I'm not that much of an optimist...
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468x60 is dead?

468x60 is dead? IAB releases new ad standards. Too little, too late...
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CD Sales down by 39%?

CD Sales down by 39%? And guess who's to blame. (Also linked in the article is the interesting stopnapster.com site.)
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Faith-based killing

Faith-based killing Onward Christian soldiers, etc This took place in Jersey. Is it religious profiling?
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Jean Chretien or, uh, Justin Trudeau?

Jean Chretien or, uh, Justin Trudeau? Psychographics with a Canadian spin (survey).
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This article

This article is rather interesting. I moved to Arizona last year and have noticed and commented on the high amount of female construction workers both here and in New Mexico compared to the amount you see in other states. If Arizona is 1% ahead of the national average, and still needs to hire more to meet requirements, I wonder how many states are far below requirements and just what they're doing about it, if anything. How often do you see a women workers in your state?
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The AYBABTU backlash continues. Is the blogging community (surely most responsible for perpetuating the meme) just a bunch of Nathan Barleys?
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The Don is dead. I'm just in shock. While most Americans probably don't know he is, he can only be described as the greatest living Australian and best cricketer of all time.
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The trial of Henry Kissinger!
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February 25

"That's one slurpee and five mp3s. . . "

"That's one slurpee and five mp3s. . . " Music Tellers will happen one way or another, I'll bet. And there will be places--legal or not--where fast downloading of whatever will be available for a price. (It's been a long time--7-11s still have surpees don't they?)
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For many days now, a mysterious splash screen at 2600.com.

For many days now, a mysterious splash screen at 2600.com. Is the famous Hacker Quarterly folding? Are they throwing in the towel against the MPAA? Is the site being redesigned, and moved to Canada? Is this a protest against the WBAI situation?
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At first I found Junkyard Wars (imported) and thought it was the funniest show on TV. Then I found Iron Chef (also imported) and it was even better. I got hooked. Now I've found BattleBots (homegrown! Buy American!), and I have to wonder if TV has any more pleasant surprises for me. As long as I stay away from the big networks I seem to do fine.
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So this is what the Japanese think of us.

So this is what the Japanese think of us. We already know what the Russians think. After the sub incident, they don't seem to like the US too much over in Japan, either.
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"Blogging" makes Newsweek.

"Blogging" makes Newsweek. Because someone had to post it....
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'Is media bias real?', part two:

'Is media bias real?', part two: Left-leaning media criticism folks FAIR have produced a report detailing some examples of of publishers, advertisers, and government officials killing stories they don't like and placing stories they do. What about the Chinese Wall between the business of news and the actual newsgathering? To quote a CBS news producer on the distinction between entertainment and news, "That line was over a long, long time ago....That line is long gone."
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Blogger collapses once more - this time with the message: "Error 103:java.sql.SQLException: java.sql.SQLException: The log file for database 'pyra' is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space. [more info]" It's an old theme, but a pertinent one to a large number of people on this site so don't kill me. It's being talked about here. Look - we all know that this is not the fault of Pyra, but it's getting absurd. Prol has already migrated over to Grey Matter - and from the look of the mailing lists, she may be the beginning of a flood. I have so much invested in Blogger working, that I'm prepared to be slapped for saying something must be done. What can we do?!
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Our Secretary of State

Our Secretary of State And you thought everyone adored Colin Powell?
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Three months after Chris Kempa was struck and killed by a truck, the city of Livonia, Mich., has ordered his family and friends to stop memorializing him at the site (from Kempa.Com, run by his older brother Adam).
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Blair and Bush agree that all internet users

Blair and Bush agree that all internet users should be clearly identified. Which brings up an interesting question: Is anonymity a constitutionally protected right? (In the US or anywhere else?)
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If the election left you with an odd feeling

If the election left you with an odd feeling that something was not right in Florida, you're not alone.
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There is no more heartfelt memorial

There is no more heartfelt memorial than a big car decal with conspicuous ® and © symbols on it.
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All Your Base Are Pissing Us Off.

All Your Base Are Pissing Us Off. The backlash has well and truly begun.
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February 24


No, don't hate me for the uninformative title--it would take longer to explain than it does to look.
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A triumph for art and free speech over commercialism.

A triumph for art and free speech over commercialism. Or something like that. A photographer can't be prevented (by Mattel) from shooting pornographically posed Barbie dolls and selling the pictures as post cards. I wonder what they looked like. Hey, hot mama! (Courtesy of Firing Squad)
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'All Your Base'

'All Your Base' on Wired News.
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Khallid Muhammad, RIP

Khallid Muhammad, RIP Did this man do anything for African Americans? There is the argument that you need extremists so the moderates can get something done, but this guy was just a kook!
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Teeny tiny robots -

Teeny tiny robots - Neato!
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Cor, Blimey Guv'nor!

Cor, Blimey Guv'nor! It's the English/Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary! Very useful if you don't know your John Cleese's from your Duke of Kent's. Once you've mastered the art, you'll have no trouble understanding this passage.
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We Live In... Hell?

We Live In... Hell? Tanya Corrin on Josh Harris as profoundly fucked company: "By day 60, I had to get out. By day 78, still unable to find an apartment, I chose couch surfing instead of remaining in a very public nightmare." On the one hand, deeply satisfying; on the other, deeply sad.
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Don't look behind that wall

Don't look behind that wall , Mr. Olympic inspector. In advance of the ongoing assesment by 17 Olympic inspectors, thousands of unwanted people have been tossed into a detention center in China, without trial. For a month, 500 to 600 people a day have been tossed in. Human Rights in China interviewed former inmates of the detention centre, and they reported
"There were no bathing facilities, food was poured from buckets and fought over by mice, and beatings with leather belts were common."
Is this what China does to "put on its game face"?
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This ad

This ad , by the PETA had me LOL and still makes me laugh each time I see it. Actually it's pretty terrible, but that's probably why it's so funny.... See for yourself (Quicktime required)
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Are you a woman or a man?

Are you a woman or a man? No fair peeking. (As silly as it is, it guessed me correctly.)
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All Good No Bad

All Good No Bad Singapore is a country where markets are perfect and it is known globally as the economic miracle. A country where politics, intellectual life and criticism is sacrificed on the altar of the market. A nightmare, should I say?
(Link courtesy of Arts & Letters Daily)
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February 23

geek girl beats out just sex

geek girl beats out just sex - Ev analyses click through rates on ads at weblogs.com - "I did a little sifting through the banner ads and stats at weblogs.com. The average click-through rate for all 689 ads is 0.60%."
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Bozo Matic.

Bozo Matic. No, it's not a toy, or appliance, or a poorly thought out website, it's a real given name - and yes, he's a real person. It just so happens he's Croatian, and is now the new chairman of Bosnia's government.
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Tired of listening to the same old stuff? Try visiting WFMU's archives. Hours and hours of archived radio programs in streaming audio.

My personal favorites so far : The Secret Museum of the Air, The Antique Phonograph Music Program, and The Radio Thrift Shop. Really worth checking out!
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Take my wife, please

Take my wife, please Old soldiers may die but their wives carry on. The mantle is passed.
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Whenever anyone colonizes a new territory (e.g. cyberspace) it's inevitable that three groups follow: prostitutes, lawyers and undertakers. The romance is over -- welcome to the (virtual) real world.
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Crapping Tiger, Hidden Death

Crapping Tiger, Hidden Death -- gotta be worse than watching porn on Wal-Mart equipment. Is this guy a front runner for the 2001 Darwin Award? and, secondarily, is ananova a legitimate news source? they always seem to have the kooky stories....
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Do you have an abnormally large male genital?

Do you have an abnormally large male genital? Have you been injured by one in the recent past? My favorite part: "While it is true that 1.5% of home accidents are caused by large penis related incidents, only a small number have ever been known to be fatal. A large penis is a friend as well as a foe. Treat it as such."
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Not sure of whether this is funny or depressing?

Not sure of whether this is funny or depressing? How stupid can one be?
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Feeling like the odd man out in your favorite geek chatroom? Looking for new ways to alienate your parents, or maybe add a little spice to that threatening email? What if I told you that with one mouse-click you could transform yourself from l4M3R to l33t haX0R? The dream is real with L33t-5p34K G3n3r@t0r .
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MIT spam study find instant wealth, sexy-coeds just a click away.

MIT spam study find instant wealth, sexy-coeds just a click away. A two-year M.I.T. study of unsolicited email, or "spam," has concluded that you can earn $50,000 in the next 90 days by sending e-mail from your home, which is located near a college where sex-crazed coeds are anxious to meet you.
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Plastic is dangling carrots in front of users,

Plastic is dangling carrots in front of users, but my first thought is "ewww." Many successful communities have feedback mechanisms, but is a monetary one the best choice? Is this a good way to encourage high quality posts at Plastic, or does it seem like they're trying to create an instant community for $150?
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Wrongwaycomeback? Is Wetlog really going away? Neale has been a prankster in the past, but with his recent re-styling as a memory bank and the tone of the message, I worry about one of my favorite blogs. Someone say it ain't so.
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How To: RTFM.

How To: RTFM. M$ steps up its Support Services. The information in this article applies to: general lamers.
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The Dubya Administration backs the lawsuit against distributing or linking to the DeCSS utility. What's next?
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Doh! Russians believe US citizens to be zombies and fear our Plan 9 from outter space.

Doh! Russians believe US citizens to be zombies and fear our Plan 9 from outter space. Former communist residents still remain skeptical of HDTV, among other new American trends like the United States being called a "Superpower."
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the web becomes theatre

the web becomes theatre about face youth theatre is a group for gay/lesbian/transgender kids. every year, they create a stage show - from scratch - based on their own experiences. this year, they're writing the script from stories gathered on this website. rock on!
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Chicken or egg? Life (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) imitates art (Satirewire.)
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And that's Uncle Joe, he's a-movin' kinda slow at the Junction, Petticoat Junction!

And that's Uncle Joe, he's a-movin' kinda slow at the Junction, Petticoat Junction! Folks, I'm going to leave you something today that will haunt you for the rest of your days. Sure, there are different strokes for different folks: from transvestism to babification, right up to the ultimate step of medical gender switching. But for me, this is a brand new switch on a really strange theme..
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Surely the final TV taboo - Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh has requested for television coverage of his own execution.
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Do you trust AOL IM?

Do you trust AOL IM? If you do, you might want to read this story.
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Noah proposes a new term-
"Bioblog - weblog-type sites in which the primary (but not necessarily exclusive) focus is on its author instead of the web or other external media, but which, of course, is still more aligned in spirit and form to weblogs rather than traditional online journals."
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Marvin! I'm glad he found a home in the Netherlands. Poor robot. via memepool
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15 of the 18

15 of the 18 sentences beginning with the word "Well" in this transcript mark a speaker responding to a question or taking his/her turn. I'm sick of it.
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February 22

Am I fucked or not?

Am I fucked or not? In the best MeFi tradition of flogging a dead meme and reveling in schadenfreude, it's a "hot or not" for rating the viability of dot-coms.
(Link courtesy of the real /usr/bin/girl via PCJM)
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Ebay gets ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. Even our favorite Amazon.com book gets a dose!
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Zorch means it's edgar

Zorch means it's edgar
Edgar means it's dimph
Dimph means it's in there ...

The amazing world of song poetry, including the greatest of the song sharks, and the story of how "Blind Man's Penis" came to be. "You, too, Mister Composer/Musician, can put out records if you bother to go to the trouble of sending obscene lyrics and suicide notes through the U.S. Postal Service, as I did."
Special bonus: The Nightmare World of Dion McGregor.
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Have you ever been at the center of a media storm?

Have you ever been at the center of a media storm? It's not pleasant. The link is to just one of many local and city newspaper articles about the tiny rural high school where I work, plus we've had t.v. camera crews trying to sneak into the building and students being pulled out of class to be interviewed for local radio stations. I welcome your comments.
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The End of Money

The End of Money Interesting article about what money really means in the digital age. "If you want currency backed by something tangible, sign up for 5,000 frequent flier miles on a new Visa card. "
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Synthetic virus nearing reality

Synthetic virus nearing reality Scientists will have the technology to create a wholly artificial virus within the next five years, a major conference in the US has been told. This is the quote I like best... Prof Hutchinson added: "Am I worried about a synthesised virus? No, you only worry about it if someone does it out of malicious motives."
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U.S. to ban civilians at controls of military vehicles

U.S. to ban civilians at controls of military vehicles Sec Rumsford has announced a "temporary" ban of civilians at the controls of military machinery, including of course, subamarines. Temporarily?
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Remember Mahir?

Remember Mahir? Yeah, now you can send him via email to greet your friends. I don't know if I should laugh or be afraid.
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This airline review site

This airline review site that I just discovered may be useful if you plan to go on a long air journey sometime soon and would like to try a new carrier.
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Is electronic puppy love real?

Is electronic puppy love real? Many Aibo owners are as attached to the robotic dogs as they would be to live animals.

"I always thought I was pretty rational but I don't think of her as a toy any more.... She's like a part of the family."
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A Clarification

A Clarification -- Dave Eggers wants to expose the process, "By reprinting your correspondence to me I hope to illuminate the journalist's mind: how a writer starts by telling me he is a fan of my work, supports my company's endeavors, etc, then writes a snippety little thing full of sneering and suspicion." so he's posted ALL of the email correspondance he had with david kirkpatrick before this unflattering piece was printed... and after.
    "I think it's important that our exchange be published. It's the only remedy commensurate with the impact you enjoyed with your original piece. I want your friends and family to see it, and to say 'David, ew.'"
    Meanspirited all around, but can you blame him?
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Presenting the no-gasoline, no-pollution, no-engine personal flier

Presenting the no-gasoline, no-pollution, no-engine personal flier Hydrogen peroxide is used to fuel individual rocket motors at the tips of helicoptor like rotors.... James Bond eat your heart out :)
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(You)^2: Wired Feature on Human Cloning

(You)^2: Wired Feature on Human Cloning
There's a very long, very fascinating article on the current work being done on human cloning research; or possibly the work that has already been done. Many of those interviewed for the article are convinced that somewhere in the world human cloning has already taken place. Lots of cool/frightening material here.
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They're Not Playing Your Song.

They're Not Playing Your Song. This is just mean. Mean, cruel, and awful. Heartless. And, I'm sorry, very funny. I laughed and laughed. I know, I'm a bad person. Are you too?
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Orange Cones

Orange Cones the Virtual Reality tour!
I haven't laughed this hard for a long time! Make sure you read all of the cone pages.
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GeForce 3

GeForce 3 to be available on Macs first. Check out the 3rd video down. Bonus: A look at the new ID 3D engine for Doom. High drool factor.
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Hey, Baby -- did you feel that?

Hey, Baby -- did you feel that? The sun, someday, will envelope the Earth and all life as we know it will die. Can we prevent this? Some wacky scientists think that the best thing to do would be to up and move the whole damn planet.
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August 17, 1995.

August 17, 1995. / Today
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A faith based missile defense system...

A faith based missile defense system... now that's what we really need. Of course, considering the current state of the necessary technologies, that's what we already have. [From Greg Restall]
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Bryan Singer + Battlestar Galactica = relaunch.

Bryan Singer + Battlestar Galactica = relaunch. Yeah, buddy! This could be fun.

What were the fatal flaws of the original 'Galactica'? And how should it be made better this time?
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Love to argue about Genetically Modified Foods?

Love to argue about Genetically Modified Foods? Hate to be under-informed? The Science Controversies On-line: Partnerships in Education (SCOPE) project has a huge database of resources and links to commentaries on various issues, one of which is genetically modified foods and covers both (all?) side of the issue. The site is still in the works, it looks like it is (and will be) a useful resource.
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This is how I always pictured internet love. The corpse in the fridge is the kicker. I thought you brits knew we were all nuts in the states.
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17 International Olympic Committee inspectors

17 International Olympic Committee inspectors are in China reviewing its bid for the 2008 Olympic Games. Should human rights concerns be a factor in their decision? Does a sporting body have a duty to use compliance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as a gauge to measure hosting worthiness for any country (not just China)?
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This MeFi thread lead me to the Traffic Cone Preservation Society where you can adopt a baby cone. The web never ceases to surprise: I never knew people were so into cones (though I must admit they are kind of cute). The TCPS links page lead me to Cones As Pets, Evil Cones, and Cone Matrimony.
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A spectre is haunting the Web - the spectre of standards.

A spectre is haunting the Web - the spectre of standards. Jeffery Zeldman takes a bold step and stops supporting "bad browsers". Will the Web follow?
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It's easy to get complacent and not learn foreign languages when you speak native English. In the UK, knowledge of foreign languages verges on the comical.
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Wanted: Web Designer for 'egg':

Wanted: Web Designer for 'egg': must like startlingly honest employers who don't beat about the bush.
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Geez this sounds familiar.

Geez this sounds familiar. Helicopters manned by Americans involved in shootout with Columbian guerillas. Just advising you understand. . .
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February 21

The Grammys have come and gone.

The Grammys have come and gone.
Reactions? Revulsion? Observations? And what's the deal with Steely Dan?
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Coming soon to your Nintendo:

Coming soon to your Nintendo: Poo humor, "squirrel love", and "phallic fun". Video games have changed...
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http://microsoft.sucks.my.metafilter.com I know it's self-referential, but I thought it was funny - I stumbled on this URL while doing a google search. Go on Matt, tell us how you really feel ;) - Also listed was "http://kottke-is-my-hero.metafilter.com" - sentiment as URL.
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EBay has had another software glitch

EBay has had another software glitch and it's made all sorts of people accidentally opt out of receiving EBay's email advertising by mistake. So, just to help all you nice people out, they've decided to change your preferences so that you permit EBay to send you spam and to sell your phone number to telemarketers, like you really wanted. Time to visit the configuration page. Again.
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pardon payments to hillary rodham clinton's brother.

pardon payments to hillary rodham clinton's brother. there isn't a way to spin this that isn't ugly.
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Woah. Apple dropped the price of the Cube to $1300, released iTunes 1.1, and just started selling the strangest looking iMac you've ever seen.

Now I want a Cube, a G4 Powerbook, a G4 tower, *and* an iMac.
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Napster takes first steps

Napster takes first steps in trying to appease the RIAA, and specifically BMG. To me this approach is the stupidest thing Napster could have done. Who would want to pay a membership fee to use Napster if one can't even burn the files onto a cd?
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"More than anything, I admit, I hate Chelsea because she is a Clinton.

"More than anything, I admit, I hate Chelsea because she is a Clinton. Not just genetically a Clinton, but in spirit and habit and manner. The evidence for this is now, I think, sufficient to indict." Gotta love them Conservatives.
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Ever seen a sonic boom?

Ever seen a sonic boom? A NASA website has daily pictures from a variety of astronomical sources. Today's is a little more down-to-earth; the visual representation of a sonic boom, captured when an F/A-18 Hornet crossed the sound barrier.
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Mr. Spock during the Pon Farr? Actually a very funny CGI character test (direct 4.8MB Quicktime movie link here).
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Go Princeton!

Go Princeton! Student loans will become grants for any who can't afford $134K for 4 years. How relevant attending college is--except for networking and the social milieu I guess--for the post-Internet teen I'm not sure. But anything which makes information and education more available and less tied to income is a fine thing.
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Race-based Science Project Banned

Race-based Science Project Banned Forgetting for a moment how flimsy the premise of science projects at the 5th grade age can be, I think this is a great project. Does anyone find this offensive? Should children be allowed to discuss race and racism in broad daylight and among their peers?
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We Can Afford a Much Bigger Tax Cut

We Can Afford a Much Bigger Tax Cut Well, if Jack Kemp says so, it must be true!
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Supreme Court splits again

Supreme Court splits again I leave it to others to comment on this. All I can offer: don't get a disability.
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Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a Nascar fan, and although I never rooted for Dale Earnhardt (just yelled at him), I respected him and will miss him. But it's just plain sick that the racer that bumped him, Sterling Marlin, is getting death threats against him and his family.
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Haven't web been here before?

Haven't web been here before? Why does Lynne Cheney now sound so much like a previous Vice-President's wife seven years ago?
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Bad Subjects Interviews Howard Zinn.

Bad Subjects Interviews Howard Zinn. I'm not sure I buy globalization as "a more sophisticated kind of imperialism," but given recent efforts to expand corporate welfare and manufacture enemies for a reinvigorated military-industrial complex I think parallels with 19th century robber-barons and the Great BBQ are apt. Lefties and libertarians unite!
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Barak Just Says No.

Barak Just Says No. Former PM passes on Defense Minister post. Is it just me, or does Sharon's push for a unity government smack of Dubya's call for bipartisanship? I just don't trust either one of them.
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"...I find the language of George W much more offensive,"

"...I find the language of George W much more offensive," (did I miss a memo about W releasing an album?) Anyway, let's see... 'I was a made man at fifteen years Cuz momma didn't raise no faggotty queer' or 'Even stupid people in Britain are smarter than Americans'.
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Opera Technical Preview 1 for Mac out Thursday

Opera Technical Preview 1 for Mac out Thursday I like iCab, honest. But until the other day, I'd completely forgotten about these guys. I'm pleased that they haven't forgotten about my peeps.
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February 20

Dog Mauling Victim's Partner to Test Wrongful Death Law

Dog Mauling Victim's Partner to Test Wrongful Death Law California law is clear: Only legal heirs -- surviving spouses, children and parents -- are entitled to sue for wrongful death. Not long-term lesbian partners -- but Susan Smith is going to try. [link spotted on web queeries] "The state can't have it both ways, you can't condition a right on marital status, then deny a whole class of people the right of access to be married."
"Any expansion of domestic partner rights is something conservatives in Sacramento, such as the Capitol Resource Institute, will vigorously oppose. 'I sympathize with her loss,' said Karen Holgate, policy director for the institute. 'My second reaction is why would she want to allow herself to be used in her grief for political gains?'"
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Racing Past the Truth.

Racing Past the Truth. A new perspective on Earnhardt's death, the purpose of which is to question the supposed cause of death and general lack of research in the reporting thereof.

The most interesting part, though, is pointing out how the makers of the Head and Neck Restraining System (HANS) are milking his death for all its worth, even though it probably would have done nothing to save him.
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Love Big Brother? Love Quake 3? Try this

Love Big Brother? Love Quake 3? Try this
I'm just disappointed that Slash has been ejected already.
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Are you a duclod?

Are you a duclod? For at least a decade, mysterious letters have been sent from around the nation to students at a small midwestern college filled with facts about "duclods." From the best I can tell looking at the college newspaper webpage this is not a prank. Has anyone ever heard this term?
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Is it just me, or does it seem ridiculous that Napster will have one billion dollars of expendable net income over the next five years that it will be able to pay to the record labels? The labels would be crazy to accept this; in a year, when Napster files for Chapter 11, the settlement would vanish.
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Sonic Death Monkey!

Sonic Death Monkey! Somebody obviously is a fan of Nick Hornby's "High Fidelity," and has either invented a one-man band or invented a website for a one-man band. This site is worth it for the pictures alone, although the half-mad text ain't bad either.
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another hairbrained scheme.

another hairbrained scheme. verisign (owner of network solutions) has devised a proprietory system that will allow cell-phone web-surfing fools to type in a phone number instead of a URL. it seems that "www.news.com" is hard on a keypad. you have until april to apply to the new service (called WebNum) for one of the easy-to-remember numbers...1000, say. at which point WebNum (how much do I like saying that?) will decide on the most "effective" assignment of the requested shortcuts.
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Muffin Films

Muffin Films - charming flash animations centered around muffins. [via 50cups]
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Britain's best footballer, David Beckham, and his wife Posh Spice are almost as important as royalty. That they have agreed to be interviewed by spoofist Ali G is a tad surprising...read the transcript here.
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Metababy is back and in full effect, I think I was the first to modify it!!!
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starting your own church

starting your own church It might be wise to start your own church. Pres Bush now must decide whether Scientology is or is not a "true" religion. The president's father got big bucks from Rev. Moon of the Moonies, a group that gave generously to Bush the Father, so I imagine that group is a true religion. We too can feed at the spiritual udder. I hope some faith-based charity goes to Travolta and Cruise.
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The Key Vanishes: Scientist Outlines Unbreakable Code [NEW YORK TIMES - free reg required]

The Key Vanishes: Scientist Outlines Unbreakable Code [NEW YORK TIMES - free reg required]
In essence, the researcher, Dr. Michael Rabin and his Ph.D. student Yan Zong Bing, have discovered a way to make a code based on a key that vanishes even as it is used. While they are not the first to have thought of such an idea, Dr. Rabin says that never before has anyone been able to make it both workable and to prove mathematically that the code cannot be broken.
Once this gets out, the debate on exporting strong crypto would seem to be essentially over.
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I usually wouldn't post something that I found through the office "humor" mailing list, but this just seemed very MetaFilterable. Physics geeks especially take note.
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Untangling an online breakup.

Untangling an online breakup. Seapetal vs. Gothimuscle: a bond between author and bodybuilder formed in bondage ends with matching restraining orders. With a "trail of cyber-breadcrumbs" in the form of scurrious emails, chat-room stalking and nude photos that leads all the way to the Fetish Fleamarket, this anti-love story bears all the trapings of a Boston.com headline on a slow news day. But the question remains: where and how do we process crimes of harassment that occur in virtual places under assumed screen names? What's a real-world restraining order good for when all the attacking is done on the net?
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Beyond the bar code:

Beyond the bar code: Tags on retail products will send radio signals to their manufacturers, collecting information about consumer habits -- and raising privacy concerns. Radio tag technology is already here, used in fields such in livestock, freight-train cargo and highway tolls. The only barrier to widespread use is consumer products is price. When they can be made for a penny, expect to see them everywhere. From the March issue of MIT Technology Review.
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This article about the stereotyped Black man offered up by nearly every reality TV show broadcast in the US ends just as it's getting to the essence: why is this the "reality" the networks -- and damningly the audiences -- are choosing?
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Trekkers Rejoice!

Trekkers Rejoice! Word is a new Star Trek television series is in development. Time to pull those rubber ears out of the dresser and head out on the SciFi convention circuit again.
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Blair goes along with us to bomb Iraq.

Blair goes along with us to bomb Iraq. Britain was ready to soften boycott against Iraq. We changed Blair's mind. Drudge reports more sophisticated equipment used by Iraq supplied by China.
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Chaos rules the classroom in The Best & The Brightest. How many of these precocious tots can you name? (Jeffrey, I presume you saw this coming.)
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The Oregon Vortex

The Oregon Vortex is a nice place to visit if you enjoy places where things roll uphill and things change size base on their position. Many have tried to figure it out. Physicist John Lister spent forty years there only to burn all his notes.

When is someone going to let the vortex genie out?
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February 19

The new Mahir?

The new Mahir?
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NSA has lost the techno war. It says.

NSA has lost the techno war. It says. But do we believe them? Or is this merely intended to lull us into complacency?
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yesterday the times printed an op-ed by clinton in which he made a case for his controversial pardons. [mefi partisans went at it] -- today the times editorial attacks that very piece AND prints a safire op-ed attacking it as well.
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Screw cookie sales! Girlscouts try a new funding program.

Screw cookie sales! Girlscouts try a new funding program. Plans for a father-daughter "pajama party" dance at which dads and their teen and pre-teen daughters would wear only nightclothes proved too naughty for top Girl Scouts officials, who Friday ordered participants to wear sweat suits instead.
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From the U.S. Mint, one year later:

From the U.S. Mint, one year later: "Demand for the Golden Dollar continues to grow. Currently, the U. S. Mint has shipped over 1 billion Golden Dollars through all of its distribution channels." My question: where are these things? Are any of you in the U.S. actually seeing these in circulation?
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Windows XP Dev Intro Article

Windows XP Dev Intro Article introduces some of the new issues associated with developing apps for the next generation Microsoft OS. An excerpt from the article reads "Writing applications for Windows XP requires a few new tricks, but they're not difficult. More important is the message we've been repeating over and over, especially since the introduction of Windows 2000: the more your applications behave like good citizens, the more successfully they'll run on Windows XP. Windows XP applications should to follow the rules you learned in kindergarten: share your resources, play well with others, and follow the rules. It's all about cooperation." Lovely.
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Gould, earthworms and you:

Gould, earthworms and you: Stephen Jay Gould discusses the recent discovery that the human body has only about 1/4th of the DNA originally estimated. NYTimes op-ed piece. One of the best results of this discovery is that it sounds death knell of reductionist biology; as usual, the human body turns out to be more complicated than anyone could have imagined. ("Gee, we haven't explained life, the universe and everything? Gosh darnit!") I have always thought it was silly to ascribe artistic talent, criminal behaviour, musical aptitude or computer savvy to the foibles of some single gene. Now here's independent confirmation of that opinion...

So once again we find that we ourselves, and not our parents or our grandparents, are responsible for who we are and what we become...
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Through rose-tinted spectacles?

Through rose-tinted spectacles? It's media waffle for a quiet news day, and comes on the back of a wave of nostalgia, but Reagan's "victory" in this latest poll feels like the triumph of selective memory, and of the desire to reassociate the presidency with jelly-bean eating. (FDR trails in fifth, and there's no mention of Woodrow Wilson, though Carter and Nixon get a look-in.) Which makes me wonder: does the US have a clear sense of its history, as far as Presidents are concerned?
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This picture

This picture of the Space Shuttle and the ray of "shadow" from the moon is pretty cool. I even think I buy the explanation.
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Three mirrors of Billy Exorcist: a flash movie parody / combination of two giants of international cinema: http://dyh21.acad.cai.cam.ac.uk/billy/ | http://danhon.com/billy | http://plasticbag.org/billy. As produced by Sean Nadeau of Los Angeles.
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Suspects in Dartmouth Profs' Deaths Held in Indiana

Suspects in Dartmouth Profs' Deaths Held in Indiana -- Two teenagers (allegedly) brutally stabbed two professors. Am I the only one deeply disturbed by all these underaged murderers in recent years? And to resurrect an old debate from my college criminology classes: Are these "killer kids" a product of nature (as in, they're born with something loose) or nurture (as in, lousy parenting)?
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Women Urged to Run for U.S. Presidency

Women Urged to Run for U.S. Presidency -- A group called American Women Presidents is urging Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and more than 100 other women governors, lawmakers and business leaders to consider a run for the White House in 2004. Weirdly enough, this is the same group who offered Monica Lewinsky a job as its corporate VP last year.
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February 18

How to Good-Bye Depression:

How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?
via pigs & fishes. scroll down for the hilarious review.
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The gift for the man who has everything.

The gift for the man who has everything. Good Heavens! (Is there anything which can't be found on the web now? Link courtesy of [H]ardOCP.)
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Earnhardt dead at Daytona.

Earnhardt dead at Daytona. This came after a much more hideous looking wreck on lap 175 which took out almost 20 cars, but from which everyone more or less walked away. Earnhardt wrecked in the final lap. In a two-car crash. In the rear view mirror of his son. I don't think "ironic" even comes close.
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"You mean that the Clinton's are Hitler and Mussolini?"

"You mean that the Clinton's are Hitler and Mussolini?" And who says so? God, that's who! Linda Newkirk has been receiving personalized messages from God, and what is God telling Linda, who's using the power of the Internet to keep us all informed? Among other things, God says, "the economic bubble, which grew to such tremendous proportions, in the last eight years, is bursting"; "before this month of February, 2001 is over a death nail shall be plunged into the stock market"; "I know that you want Me to speak of what many are calling the 'Early-out rapture' "; and, whoa to us all, "George W's days are numbered to a few; for I have warned him against Lucifer's works, but he does not believe that he will soon die." And then what? Well, it seems those naughty Russians and Chinese met in a tent and signed a deal in blood to start throwing nuclear missiles at the god-fearing and ever-righteous U.S. of A. starting on or before March 31st.

Hey, these are His words, not mine. Although I feel comforted that God uses terms like "economic bubble" and "Early-out rapture." Renews my faith in the power of marketing.
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The stanford prison experiment

The stanford prison experiment This site has an interesting, well-written review of the Stanford prison experiment written by one of those involved. See also: Coalition for the Abolition of prisons. [via kuro5hin]
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Bill Clinton Op-Ed

Bill Clinton Op-Ed on the Marc Rich pardons: "I want every American to know that, while you may disagree with this decision, I made it on the merits as I saw them, and I take full responsibility for it".
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February 17

From the "When designers grab random images" file: Many Muslim taxi drivers in Seattle are going to refuse to pick up people from a rave tonight. The rave promoters used excerpts from the Koran on the flyer announcing the event. "We had no idea what any of it meant...It looked good on there."
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Another laughable graphic from CNN.com,

Another laughable graphic from CNN.com, this time regarding "air rage". Didn't CNN.com just lay off a lot of people? How did this photoshopper not get the boot? Is it actually this hard to get good workers?
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Bill Joy thinks the world will end

Bill Joy thinks the world will end unless we stop doing certain kinds of research right now. I think Bill Joy is full of crap, but he has valid points. (More inside)
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Well, if SETI@HOME is too much of a long-shot for you, then how about something absolutely certain to result in important findings? GENOME@HOME is trying to search the results of the human genome sequencing project to find the place in the genome where certain important proteins are encoded, and FOLDING@HOME is trying to figure out how proteins are folded to become enzymes, where shape is more important than chemistry.

FOLDING@HOME is working on some of the critical proteins of HIV, among other things. HIV has been sequenced and from that they know the amino acid sequences of the enzymes it makes. But without understanding their shapes it's not possible to figure out how they work. This represents one of the best applications of volunteer distributed computing I can think of. With 40,000 participants, FOLDING@HOME has already had successes, including one of the HIV enzymes. (Courtesy of Firing Squad)
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Dr. Stupid sets things straight.

Dr. Stupid sets things straight. Australian commentary site Crikey is where Dr. Stupid exposes the sloth, stupidity, and duplicity of journalists who should really know better. I enjoyed his autopsy of the recent flurry of Tom and Nicole coverage, and the rest of the column has some nice tidbits as well. Are there columns like this about the American press that you would recommend?
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The University of California may eliminate SATs scores

The University of California may eliminate SATs scores as a criterion for admission of undergraduates.
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Manic Street Preachers play Havana tonight

Manic Street Preachers play Havana tonight - "It'll be like Wham! in China." Following in the footsteps of agit-prop songster Billy Joel, the Boys from Blackwood take Sony-branded anti-capitalism to the last place "that really fights against the Americanisation of the world."
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Payback time

Payback time Executive orders: nice way to beat up on labor unions!
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Quiet that computer!

Quiet that computer! This site offers some great tips on reducing the noise produced by your computer. I just got a new Power Mac G4 and a couple of external FireWire drives to go with it, and was appalled at how loud the setup was -- particularly the fans in the FireWire drive cases. Mike Breeden at Xlr8yourMac.com has a great tip on reducing the fan noise on the G4 itself, which I applied to the FireWire drives with good results (haven't tried it on the G4 yet). If your computer (Mac, PC, or otherwise) is loud enough to be heard over your MP3s, maybe these pages will help.
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"What is most disturbing about these people is their banality, their normalness... It's the fact that these people are chatting and they are horribly normal, everyday people, yet they are capable of these acts of unimaginable savagery."

Tired of politics and Survivor 2? Let's talk about real cannibalism!
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February 16

Anyone have the inside poop on why Dreamless went black tonight for repairs? Apparently there was some skirmishing and hacking activity earlier in the week. Details anyone?
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According to an Alexa Research report,

According to an Alexa Research report, Web users are morons (entering URLs into search engines to get to sites) and perverts (most popular search term is "sex"). I, for one, am shocked.
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The funniest thing ever, period.

The funniest thing ever, period. Note: streaming video with sound, using RealPlayer. Though I'm not sure of the high-level discussion we can have about this, I don't think anyone in the world should be denied the oppurtunity to laugh this hard. Watch the whole thing - I particularly like around 3:25. Trust me.
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Rowdy XFL fans toss paraplegic to Coliseum floor

Rowdy XFL fans toss paraplegic to Coliseum floor "His 13-year-old nephew, Eddie Cardenas, rushed to his aid and wound up covered in beer and his uncle's blood as fans lobbed brew in his direction...." Hmmm the word Coliseum just stands out to me for some reason. A toast to the Roman Empire!!
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Reuters confirms

Reuters confirms that our friend Dubya did in fact authorize the attack on Iraqi radar stations. We're killing people and giving a dictator fuel for the propaganda mill he needs to prop up his regime. But that's okay, because the people who are dying don't share our race and religion and so, in fact, they're not really "people" at all. They're ciphers and objects and statistics. Apparently it's only when white Protesetants die that death really matters. Incidentally, remember this bombing isn't a matter of protecting the Kuwaiti ethnic minority (read: our oil interests), this is over perceived violation of arbitrarily imposed NATO sanctions. Scum. Scum scum scum!
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Casting call goes out for Survivor III

Casting call goes out for Survivor III CBS issues a cattle call for idiots to broadcast their idiocy on national TV this fall. Is it me, or are the two current cast members who work in the computer industry total dolts or what? Who's the bigger embarassment to the high-tech industry, this guy or this guy?
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Pennsylvania school's anti-harassment code ruled too strict.

Pennsylvania school's anti-harassment code ruled too strict. The 3rd Circuit Court in Philadelphia struck down the State College Area School District's anti-harassment code yesterday, saying the policy restricted students' free-speech rights.
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ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US Part Deux?? Old World War 1 and 2 posters, revamped. I'm kinda liking this weird trend of glorifying bad translations via Photoshop.
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Recently released FBI hate-crime statistics for 1999

Recently released FBI hate-crime statistics for 1999 show that - as many have feared - enforcement of hate-crime laws is skewed against blacks. Of racially-motivated where the offenders race is known, blacks make up 20% of the reported incidents despite representing only 13% of the population as a whole.
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America bombs Iraq. What are Dubya's intentions?
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You're the world's number one Web destination, responsible for 40% of Internet traffic. You've been making money from advertising for years, but you know that you need to diversify your revenue streams. You run a popular auction site with over 2.8 million listings, but the only money it generates is from ads. The number one site in the auction space charges fees, so why can't you? You come up with fees that are lower than your competitor, and implement them. And then, over the next six weeks, the number of listed items on your site falls 86%. What went wrong?
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Advertising just got a little more "In Your Face"

Advertising just got a little more "In Your Face" Story on a new monster.com banner ad that runs around the monitor talking to you.
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Virginia regrets....

Virginia regrets.... Lots of boys were named Eugene in honor of eugenics movement, likened here to what the Nazis were also doing
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Time to toss the 3.0 and 4.0s in the trash - and I'm not talking about GPA.

Time to toss the 3.0 and 4.0s in the trash - and I'm not talking about GPA. The biggest problem for Web developers right now is the prevalence of old browsers that don't fully support standards like HTML 4.0 and CSS 1 & 2. Now that we have at least 3 browsers that can handle most of these standards, why not encourage a move from the less standard browsers to ones that will allow us to more easily design sites. Write once view anywhere....Woo hoo!
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No, really now...

No, really now... C'mon, get up. And for chrissakes, stop kissing my boots! I mean it! Anyway, you want my dad... he's back at the ranch.
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February 15

The Layoff Binge

The Layoff Binge The last piece on the page gives a worker’s perspective on the recent attack in the Class War.
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ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US OK, I'm obviously the dorky kid coming late to the party -- can someone explain this to me? [via memepool]
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Stealing Jeffrey's underpants:

Stealing Jeffrey's underpants: A wonderful homecoming for Mr. Zeldman (link courtesy of zeldman.com, of course).
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Dave's Soda and Pet Food City

Dave's Soda and Pet Food City - see, they sell pet supplies and soda. The two great tastes that go great together.
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Microsoft exec calls Linux a threat to innovation?

Microsoft exec calls Linux a threat to innovation? "One of Microsoft's high-level executives says that freely distributed software code such as Linux could stifle innovation and that legislators need to understand the threat."
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Who needs napster?

Who needs napster? Lo-tech file sharing staring me in the face - just add your ftp site to the mix et voila - searchable sharing. "Leech and let leech."
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The Privacy Space

The Privacy Space In every MeFi thread about personal privacy in the digital age, the comment inevitably arises: "You already have zero privacy. Get over it." The article even quotes it. But someone else in the article says, "The idea that technology and privacy are intrinsically opposed is false." Great article (from a non-techie standpoint) on the coming promises of privacy tech.
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Tales of unmitigated stupidity.

Tales of unmitigated stupidity. Some people belong in jail because it's not safe for them to be left alone in public. (What's the law in the UK for dealing with a minor committing a crime like extortion? In the US, this guy would probably be tried as an adult.)
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Network Solutions sells out.

Network Solutions sells out. The once-monopoly has decided to pool all their domain name registration information and sell it to the spammers of the world. From their marketing website, "Taking advantage of our position as a market leader, we have organized our pool of over 15 million registered domain names into a customer database of over 5 million unique customers. Our data service offers access to the key decision-makers behind millions of leading Web businesses."

True, there is a privacy policy, and you can try and protect yourself following their instructions, but it would seem that once the cat's out of the bag... And, what's to keep someone from purchasing the database of email addresses, fax numbers, telephone numbers, and addresses and selling them off to someone else?
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Amazon can't patent 1-Click after all

Amazon can't patent 1-Click after all Finally somebody realizes the obvious; now if they can get BT to give up on patenting hyperlinks we can all go back to enjoying the Internet.
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February 14

Every once in a while I like to throw a big fat monkey wrench into the MetaFilter "post a link and a comment" system and get people to sit down and actually answer questions, instead of lazily following links off into the great blue yonder. And lately I've been hankering for some new & interesting reading material. So tonight, boys and girls: if you could only have one weblog to take with you to the desert island, which one would it be? [Hint: Besides your own log!] Personally, I'd probably go with either Noah Grey's weblog or the Chess Log. What about you?
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fun with faces.

fun with faces. using applets, ken perlin built an interactive facial-expression thingy. i found this site because ken is responsible for the cute lil heart animation at google. there are quite a few interesting thingamabobs to check out at his site.
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Windows XP unveiled...

Windows XP unveiled... why does it look so bloopy? And all those bright colors and rounded edges! It's like Fisher Price OS! (via K10K.)
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Oh, leave the poor guy alone already.

Oh, leave the poor guy alone already. Not the much-harrassed ex-president Clinton this time, but rather Bill Gates and co., who are in the Justice Department's crosshairs yet again, due to Microsoft's investments in Corel.
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Man Marries TV

Man Marries TV
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globalize the way we eat! save the trees

globalize the way we eat! save the trees The Chinese, it seems, are destroying their trees for thow away chopsticks and there is building concern that they should recycle their eating utensils. Why not globalize and we can all simply use our hands?
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Spineless Pinkos!

Spineless Pinkos! - The VA Pledge of Allegiance bill (discussed at MeFi two weeks ago here) is withdrawn, after one last old-school McCarthyesque comment by its sponsor.
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Valentine's Day may be a remant of the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, in which "young men who were naked except for the skins of goats that had been sacrificed this day, ran from the Lupercal around the bounds of the Palatine . . . striking the women they met with strips of goat skin, to promote fertility."

This factoid resists my every attempt to add further comment.
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Jef Raskin, creator of the Macintosh project at Apple, says the windows-based interface is passé.

Jef Raskin, creator of the Macintosh project at Apple, says the windows-based interface is passé. "In my current interface designs, everything you need is laid out for you. You just zoom in, and as soon as you can read the text or see the graphic details, you can work on them. Then there's no need for windows, which you are forever opening, closing, moving or fooling with."
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Kansas Evolves

Kansas Evolves Yet some school board members still have doubts about the science behind Darwin's theory of evolution. Can't we do an emergency air drop of Cosmos for these folks?
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blog you*3

blog you*3 egos on display. could the flames be rising? the guys at the "blog you" site get reviewed.
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how to buy the new republican party

how to buy the new republican party "The tax cuts will make the economy grow. As people do better, they start voting like Republicans--unless they have too much education and vote Democratic"
[this is the recently launched newyorker online]
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Blogger server down?

Blogger server down? Well, a least for me all night and all morning. I don't know if everyone is getting this error: HTTP Error 500-13 - Server too busy

ev says he will be at O'Reilly's P2P Conference for much of the rest of this week.

Anyone knows any other news about this?
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Imelda Marcos to open museum for her shoes.

Imelda Marcos to open museum for her shoes.

Not all her shoes, mind you, just several thousand of them.
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Prime Time.

Prime Time. A prime is a whole number divisible only by itself and 1. In Aesthetics of the prime sequence one can hear primes, view primes (here also) and test for primes. Quite interesting and not just for math geeks...
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Gates, Buffett & Soros unite to fight . . . the estate tax?

Gates, Buffett & Soros unite to fight . . . the estate tax? I think this is a good thing. It's definitely odd.
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February 13

Jorn tries pay for play.

Jorn tries pay for play. Seeking to sell links near the top of his extremely-widely-read weblog Robot Wisdom, Jorn Barger has set an (experimental) $20 submission fee: you don't get considered if you don't pay, but if he approves of your site you get a link. (Actually, it's even more complicated than that, which is characteristic of the man.) There's even a $100 fee for certain commercial links. Jorn can do what he likes, of course, but how well do you think this might work?
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Never mind the Oscars, here's the Pazz And Jop Poll:

Never mind the Oscars, here's the Pazz And Jop Poll: which for some reason seems to have more cred than other music end-of-year lists. A double whammy for Outkast, and critical vindication for Eminem? What did they get right, what did they leave out, and what do these big crit-fests prove anyway?
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The LA Times on entertainment journalism.

The LA Times on entertainment journalism. An obvious but refreshing analysis of what gets reported, what doesn't get reported, and why. Particularly refreshing is the discussion of the ridiculous self-fulfilling prophecy of reporting box office numbers, and how that drastically affects the marketability of more sophisticated films meant to appeal to adults (who don't often see films on opening night).
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Superconducting power transmission cables

Superconducting power transmission cables In another thread, I mentioned that High-Tc power transmission cables were an example of an anticipated use of a technology which never came to fruition, and that the possible energy savings weren't worth the effort. Oops.
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See the ad,

See the ad, pay, or go away. Is the free ride finally over? Will it really work this time?
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Razorfish redesigns. Why does it look like MarchFirst?
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Republicans plan energy bill

Republicans plan energy bill "Legislation to be introduced next week by the Senate energy committee chairman would pay billions of dollars in subsidies to the energy companies, which gave generously in last year's campaign." More here.
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Useful recipe ideas for those who believe in jesus...

Useful recipe ideas for those who believe in jesus... but choose not to worship. And has this guy been informed?
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The truth is out there -- way, way out there. Masons, Mormons, and William Shatner all play a role in this secret history of the millennia-old struggle between three alien factions for control of Earth. The battleground: a vast subterranean complex known as Dreamland.
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How to deal with bad drivers.

How to deal with bad drivers. Hmm, looks like a very effective means of eliminating tailgaters, but I wonder how cost effective it is? Price estimate anyone? (large image, ~140k)
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In time for Valentine's Day,

In time for Valentine's Day, the fabulous Guardian weblog has a special collection of links to articles about love, sex, cybersex and permutations of those three, from Australia, US, Canada, maybe a few virtual realms, too.
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The obvious next step has been taken: An Oregon state senator introduces a bill that will expand the definition of hate crimes to include ecoterrorism and illegal actions motivated by anticapitalism. Block a street, go to jail?
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The End of Fair Use? Pat Schroeder and Publishers Go After Libraries

The End of Fair Use? Pat Schroeder and Publishers Go After Libraries "Of all the dangerous and dot-complex problems that American publishers face in the near future — economic downturns, competition for leisure time, piracy — perhaps the most explosive one could be libraries. Publishers and librarians are squaring off for a battle royal over the way electronic books and journals are lent out from libraries and over what constitutes fair use of written material."
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Cartoonbank.com is The New Yorker's online database of cartoons. You can search (internet dog, racism), order prints and t-shirts, and launch a pop-up "cartoon channel" window that refreshes with a new cartoon twice a minute.
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statistics on the death penalty

statistics on the death penalty Statistics which suggest that the death penalty does not accomplish what we expected of it. Unless, perhaps, we like revenge.
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"Prime Minister Jean Chrétien issued a pointed call to Chinese leaders

"Prime Minister Jean Chrétien issued a pointed call to Chinese leaders to build an impartial judiciary that will provide fair trials to all citizens, regardless of their creed, gender or political views." China is of course famous for its treatment of political protesters and religious sects, not to mention the common villager, endangered species, and its own culture. And don't forget Tibet.
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The Oscar Nominees Page is up...

The Oscar Nominees Page is up... ...and it looks like both Gladiator and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are the two big movies this time, with 10 Nominations each, including Best Picture. In addition, Julia Roberts finally has her oscar nod, as well as Tom Hanks, Ed Harris and Geoffrey Rush returning for another round in the Best Actor Category.
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When I read about this it made me feel ill.

When I read about this it made me feel ill. "Life as a human punching bag." A man in Japan is deeply in debt, and rather than filing for bankrupcy he is raising money by letting people try to hit him for a thousand yen per minute. He defends himself but does not hit back.
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February 12

Just your average conspiracy theory.

Just your average conspiracy theory. Yale University's infamous Skull and Bones secret society. George W. Bush is a member, sworn to secrecy like the rest. (via The History Channel)
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The W3C opens a can of whoopass on the browser manufacturers with this detailed list of bugs they'd like to see remedied. Will this result in any changes whatsoever, or will Microsoft and Netscape continue to ignore what they should be doing?
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The Oscar® nominations won't get announced until tomorrow, which means that the noms for The Razzies were announced today. The biggest contender? John Travolta revolting pet film, "Battlefield Earth," with eight.
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This week's bit of helpful corrective

This week's bit of helpful corrective to the usual problematic coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the recent election.
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Amazon expands again.

Amazon expands again. Does anyone know a reason (other than accesibility to high bandwidth connections) that this wasn't implemented months ago?
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IUMA has been "forced to scale operations to the bare minimum." Maybe they shouldn't have used all that funding money on iuma babies.
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The New Transformers Are Coming!

The New Transformers Are Coming!
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Clinton Foundation Web Site Real Soon

Clinton Foundation Web Site Real Soon
Are you as excited as I am? Look at the Better Whois results
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We'll forget it for you wholesale.

We'll forget it for you wholesale. Privacy portal company Safe Web sells powerful anonymizing software to the CIA. Which can then use it to spy on ? As well as for protecting their agents, of course . . . ;]
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NEAR shoemaker lands and survives.

NEAR shoemaker lands and survives. The NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft touched down on a barren space rock called Eros on Monday, in history’s first attempt to land an object on an asteroid. Scientists said the probe still appeared to be sending signals back to Earth after making contact, hinting that the car-sized probe survived the descent. The speed at impact was between 1.5-1.8 m/s. This marks the first time that a US spacecraft was the first to land on another body of the solar system. And, if the server is back up, it's worth checking out the project's website.
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Children, if you can't play nice, go to your rooms. Microsoft and Sun are now throwing rotten eggs at each other. I haven't seen the atmosphere between two large corporations get this ugly since the MCI/AT&T long distance wars. As Ars Technica puts it, "Man, their bad blood has gone from lengthy legal disputes to 'Oh Yeah? Well your mom is ugly!' type squabbling."
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Looks like Napster is still treading water...

Looks like Napster is still treading water... after the courts feel that the case is a little 'Overbroad', whatever that means.
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Cyber-soulmates under foot, under thumb and under the microscope.

Cyber-soulmates under foot, under thumb and under the microscope. I thought my own love life was bizarre..
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The official newspapers of staples.com gets huffy about integrity.

The official newspapers of staples.com gets huffy about integrity. Back in 1999 the L.A. Times produced a special section praising the Staples center and sort of forgot to mention that they were splitting the ad revenue with Staples. At the time their management was pretty upfront about tearing down the wall between news and advertistisement. Now they've decided to act like journalists again. However, I'm not so sure that what this guy did was all that unethical. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.
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Goodbye Deja.

Goodbye Deja. Hello Google Groups.
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The ninth circuit court

The ninth circuit court will be releasing their verdict on the linked page by 10am PST (noon CST). Is this the end for poor old Napster, or will other options be made available?
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The Last Expression project

The Last Expression project is a forum to explore the roles, functions, meanings and making of art in the Nazi concentration camps of World War II, focusing on the notorious site of Auschwitz-Birkenau. ... It is neither widely recognized in the realm of Holocaust history, nor in the discipline of art history, that concentration camp prisoners -- victims of the Nazis -- produced works of art during their incarceration. [from the Introduction.]
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Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter thinks trying to impeach Clinton again would be a good idea.

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter thinks trying to impeach Clinton again would be a good idea. Did Clinton finally cross the line with his last-minue pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, or are Republicans just bitter about eight years of Clinton presidency?
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February 11

Ellen MacArthur (24),

Ellen MacArthur (24), came in second in the Vendee Globe 2000 race circumnavigating the world.
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Couples who click online,

Couples who click online, notably Meg Hourihan and Jason Kottke. Photo as well.
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Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen didn't win the rights to BruceSpringsteen.com, because 2 out of 3 arbitrators decided that The Boss has no right to the domain name. Which is quite surprising considering most other celebs have won the rights to theirs. [ via Signal vs. Noise]
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"There are only a few hundred genes that we have in the human genome that are not in the mouse genome,"

"There are only a few hundred genes that we have in the human genome that are not in the mouse genome," says Craig Venter, chief scientific officer at Celera Genomics. Information on the human genome released today reveals that there are far fewer genes than first thought - humans only have double the amount that worms and flies do. [more inside...]
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The Independent

The Independent has a report that excavations at Herculaneum has brought forth some 850 papyri and "Among the works, which academics hope to read using the new equipment, are the lost works of Aristotle (his 30 dialogues, referred to by other authors, but lost in antiquity), scientific works by Archimedes, mathematical treatises by Euclid, philosophical work by Epicurus, masterpieces by the Greek poets Simonides and Alcaeus, erotic poems by Philodemus, lesbian erotic poetry by Sappho, the lost sections of Virgil's Juvenilia, comedies by Terence, tragedies by Seneca and works by the Roman poets Ennius, Accius, Catullus, Gallus, Macer and Varus."
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Pixia is a FREE paint program for the PC.
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Anyone catch the fall of Three Rivers?

Anyone catch the fall of Three Rivers? The Steelers want some footage of the stadium falling. The Kingdome falling made the headlines here before, but didn't have any contests to my knowldege. So I was wondering does anyone know of any other buildings coming down? Any suggestions on what buildings should come down? And does the destruction or closing of a favorite place in your city or recall any fond memories?
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And you thought Microsoft was evil.

And you thought Microsoft was evil. There appears to be pretty significant evidence that IBM was involved in automating the persecution of Jews by the Nazis. Read more about it here, here and here.

And since we haven't even settled the question of when a nation has atoned for its sins, what exactly is the statute of limitations for a company's sins?
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February 10

Reading through Physics Today (as I'm wont to do on occasion) I came across this absolutely enthralling article on Wolfgang Pauli of whom I've never heard. Truly an admirable specimen among Physicus Intellectus. Also, it behooves me to mention "A Remembrance of Pauli in 1950."
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and the world gets just a little more confusing...

and the world gets just a little more confusing... Wait 'till you read who Elton John, who last year was honored by GLAAD with an award for his efforts in fighting homophobia, has decided to perform a duet with at the Grammys!
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Artist Demolishes Belongings

Artist Demolishes Belongings Inside a defunct department store in the heart of London's shopping district, dozens of yellow bins move slowly along conveyor belts toward the mouth a gigantic blue machine. Workers in jumpsuits systematically catalogue and weigh the contents of each one. This is British artist Michael Landy's newest work: The items in the bins - coats, photographs, paintings, furniture - are all of his belongings. Over the next two weeks, everything he owns - including a red Saab - will be destroyed.
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Lego porn

Lego porn is good for the soul.
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Dr. Vulture's Laboratory of Evil Science.

Dr. Vulture's Laboratory of Evil Science. You, too, can be a mad scientist; complete how-to here. In particular, hiring staff and proper equipment. (Courtesy of GeekPress.)
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Is this finally it?

Is this finally it? Ever since I got my Cable Modem, Napster, and a CD burner I have wondered if the genie was ever going back in the bottle. It's gonna be fun to watch them try.
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A submarine

A submarine of the US Pacific Fleet has surfaced under the Ehime Maru, a 191-foot boat used for Japanese fishery training, just off Honolulu, sinking the boat and apparently killing some high school students and teachers who were onboard. Not long ago, on August 12, an American sub was blamed for crashing into and sinking a Russian sub in the Barents Sea. It's not unusual for subs to hit subs.
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February 9

"The Standard Model" of the universe takes a hit.

"The Standard Model" of the universe takes a hit.
Score one for string theorists. Scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory appear to have discovered a new type of subatomic particle that would disprove the currently accepted model for the nature of space and matter.
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It's become second nature for many of us to head straight to Google when trying to find something, and more people seem to be discovering the site all the time. These days, savvy New Yorkers are Googling for love.
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Torture Still Widespread In Asia Says Amnesty

Torture Still Widespread In Asia Says Amnesty . On Drudge. Do you think human rights violations of this sort mandate sanctions? I tend to not be a big fan of the U.S.'s ineffective Iraqi or Cuban sanctions but... This is very, very brutal. What do you think the proper U.S./European response should be?
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Icebox doing the dot-com death dance.

Icebox doing the dot-com death dance.
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Burma: Grace Under Pressure

Burma: Grace Under Pressure Zeldman logged this a couple days ago, but I just got to it today. Geofrrey Hiller's documentary site based on his travel in Burma. I can't say enough good things about it. A moving presentation on a beleaguered country, beautifully photgraphed and sequenced. The world is forgetting what was done to Burma. This should be a reminder.

It's slow, in part deliberately; it uses Flash (well), and it's got big images and sound…but it's worth it.
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Learn your ABCs...

Learn your ABCs... A very nice piece of flash (via harrumph)...
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20yr old sells soul on eBay for $400

20yr old sells soul on eBay for $400 For the auction listing, he displayed a picture of himself wearing an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt.
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Whew! It's okay folks, no evidence found of desecration of Jewish remains at the Temple Mount. "It wasn't the Muslims who destroyed the Temple,'' [Archaeologist Meir Ben-Dov] noted acerbically. "It was Titus.''
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I had a nightmare once that Fidel Castro hacked into my PC. Is this nightmare now a reality? Or is this just more goofy and dangerous cyberwar hype?
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I have no idea what this is.

I have no idea what this is. monty python meets the near east. (warning: fairly loud audio; flash required) I would think this was one of those "viral marketing" sites except that it's in... turkish? any ideas what this is? babelfish doesn't translate turkish.
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An online petition

An online petition has started to save MTV's Jackass, which is under fire by Senator Liberman after a 13-year old kid set himself on fire. Do these online petitions hold any merit though? Or is it a big waste of time?
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What are you working on?

What are you working on? Your office in an art gallery...
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Kittens for Sale!

Kittens for Sale! This twisted, yet somewhat humorous site is a PRANK by MIT students. Yet the FBI doesn't think so. They are taking it serious. One would think that catching all the pedophiles online would be a bit more important then a hoax internet site.
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How things work.

How things work. Yes I know there's a plethora of physics-related 'how things work' websites out there, but I got absorbed in this one for a long time (run by physics prof Louis Bloomfield). Started with my wondering: "Why do colors fade in sunlight?" The first page though has an interesting bit (with video) about explosive superheated water. Don't try this at home.
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This has to be one of the coolest sites ever.

This has to be one of the coolest sites ever. Can't remember of the details of the 1973 saturday morning schedule, the one that turned you into a media junkie. It's here! And now TV Party seems to have partnered with YesterdayLand, "a new entertainment company that produces retro-themed entertainment and merchandise based on classic television, movies, music, toys, snack food, and fashion." What's up with that?
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100 dogs in 100 days!

100 dogs in 100 days! Illustrator Michael Wertz is on a mission to fill his dog blog with "100 pooches in >about< as many days." Help him out by spreading the word or sending him a photo of your favorite canine. Woof!
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Police victimized while probing Internet child porn.

Police victimized while probing Internet child porn. Does this really happen??
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Cool, daddy-o. S. Britt lays down some hep cat artwork, ranging from album covers to tattoos to magazine spreads. Plus the interface is smashing, baby. I'm feelin' groooovy.
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"What If Linus Torvalds Gets Hit By A Bus?" - An Empirical Study

"What If Linus Torvalds Gets Hit By A Bus?" - An Empirical Study
Every so often there's discussion as to what would happen to Linux if Linus was "hit by a bus". What a lot of people don't know is that it's already been sorted out.
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Is Tony Perkins a Prophet After His Time?

Is Tony Perkins a Prophet After His Time? ''For once,'' he asks, ''could you please say that Tony Perkins was fucking right about the Internet bubble?'' Uh, okay Tony, if it'll make you feel better ...
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February 8

A 15 year old girl tried to implicate classmates

A 15 year old girl tried to implicate classmates in a false plot to "shoot up the school". She used her family computer to create fake AOL accounts for 2 girls before having private chats with herself, literally threatening herself on her own computer.
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if you're planning on doing a bit of burglary,

if you're planning on doing a bit of burglary, don't forget to steal the web camera as well. or risk international notoriety.
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Execution on closed circuit television?

Execution on closed circuit television? 8 seats in the death chamber where Tim McVeigh will be executed May 16. 250 want to be present. But is broadcasting the execution really a good idea?
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Never go skiing with a mobile phone.

Never go skiing with a mobile phone. Or rather never try to search for persons burried in an avalanche with your mobile phone turned on. Sad but true.
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"I don't imagine I'll be able to get it up again"

"I don't imagine I'll be able to get it up again" A controversial five-story high condom banner is blown off the side of a South African civic center by gale-force winds.
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Motley Fool cuts 115 employees

Motley Fool cuts 115 employees The Motley Fool laid off about 30 percent of its staff Thursday, becoming the latest online publisher to recoil amid cost pressures.
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What happened

What happened to 16 Dominicans lost a sea when their compass broke while trying to sail to Puerto Rico? They were saved by the gift of Faustina Mercedes breasts. Eight men and seven women took turns suckling for just a few seconds each day. Now know as a the "Little Angel of the Sea", Mercedes and the 17 others were safely returned to the Dominican Republic after 12 days.
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Slate experiments with form

Slate experiments with form in its new series "Seed" aka "Genius Babies", a long-form investigative report by David Plotz that will unfold on the web as he interviews and collates sources. The editorial concept is a deliberate attempt to bring 5000+ word pieces to web journalism, while opening it up to the possibilities of the medium.
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Blind cod, netted 40 times, retires to aquarium.

Blind cod, netted 40 times, retires to aquarium.
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The slashdot random story generator.

The slashdot random story generator. Think slashdot is not updating often enough. Here's your answer :)
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Finally! Relief from the Orbital Mind Control Lasers

Finally! Relief from the Orbital Mind Control Lasers EMF-induced cancers getting you down? Are aliens eating your brain? Aren't you tired of regular, fabric-based clothing? These folks have the latest in tinfoil hats and so much more.
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Aquarium worker makes turtle stew and people whine about it.

Aquarium worker makes turtle stew and people whine about it. The animal was dead already. Why is eating it any worse than throwing it out? I killed a moose with my car once and I was more than happy to see someone haul it away to his freezer. People are so silly.
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Space U-Haul Atlantis on its way.

Space U-Haul Atlantis on its way. Atlantis is climbing orbit to reach Alpha carrying with it the Destiny module for Space Station Freedom. The module only has 2 inches of clearance from the shuttle itself and will take one hell of a can opener to get it out.
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CNN Aided Suicides?

CNN Aided Suicides? China claims CNN crew knew in advance about self-immolations. Sounds a little like Tom Clancy's latest novel. Given the number of AOL/TimeWarner/CNN layoffs this month, one could argue CNN's guilty of committing suicide than abetting them.
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The Trafalgar Square pigeons are really going now.

The Trafalgar Square pigeons are really going now. Bernard Rayner, the last Trafalgar Square birdseed-seller, has settled for a cash payment from the city of London and closed down forever, thus ending a long tradition of feeding and encouraging 10,000 statue-bombarding "rats with wings" to befoul one of London's best outdoor gathering places. Not everyone is happy about this.
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Memorex hacked

Memorex hacked
Question. If you hack a site, is it really a good idea to leave behind your email address?
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February 7

God's Ghostwriters:

God's Ghostwriters: Who wrote the Bible, when and why?
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Technology Weblog in French

Technology Weblog in French The Other Solitude finally has a 10.am-style technology Weblog, Pssst. Vaguely hard to navigate. The hot news appears to be in /actu/. ¶ Fun fact: French for Weblog is either webabillard or webillard. (Cf. Spanish bitácora and Italian, Dutch, and German weblog.)
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Happy trails to you...

Happy trails to you... until we meet again. Co-writer Dale Evans, dead at 88.
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A garbage can full of lightbulbs?

A garbage can full of lightbulbs? Does anyone else think that the newish picture of Bill Gates on his Web site is a bit...odd? At least Mr. Monopoly has moved away from the standard corporate publicity picture that's on his biography page, but still...
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The Anti-Defamation League has categorized the circle-A anarchy sign as "General Racist Symbol" (although in the Background info, they state: "The majority of people who identify with this movement consider themselves non-racist or anti-racist"). Kinda wacky.
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I'll never understand people.

I'll never understand people. Some guy integrated a PowerBook with his Nissan Pathfinder in order to play mp3s and he calls it the "Pathintosh." This bad boy's got it all: touchscreen LCD panel for the console, steering wheel audio controls, IR remote for remote playing, wireless AirPort access to download songs from his home computer, and a convenient dock for the PowerBook. The only question is "why." Cool, but definitely overkill.
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eGroups.co.uk - same old eGroups look, same functionality

eGroups.co.uk - same old eGroups look, same functionality Am I hallucinating or have YahooGroups forgotten to update this site?
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"We're sorry, but the number you've dialled..."

"We're sorry, but the number you've dialled..." [ 11 second RealAudio file ] Found here, as part of a collection of recordings most of the rest of which will only be interesting to telecom geeks.
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Orgasmatronic! A medical implant in the works could offer women a chance to experience orgasms with the press of a button.
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Groove, by the man who made Lotus Notes.

Groove, by the man who made Lotus Notes. I have played with this new app a little bit and it seems great. It's Napster and Icq in one with a whole lot more. This is what Ray Ozzie wanted to do right after he finished Lotus Notes.
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Find A Grave

Find A Grave : Looking for dead people? Early onset necrophilia? This is a good place to start!
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This is Slate?:

This is Slate?: Any idea what they're trying to do?
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Got (human) milk?

Got (human) milk? Mother's milk saves 16 lost at sea on a 12-day journey, during an attempted crossing from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. Human breasts can do a hell of a lot more than just sitting there and looking pretty...
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religious action figures!

religious action figures! yes! no more stealing my friends' action figures! seriously, this could be good for families with a new testament preference; they have "african heritage" and "caucasian heritage" lines. one odd thing -- the "african" eve is much lighter than the "african" adam... what's up with that? link from k10k.
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Americans suck at math. Mathematician trade deficit ensues...

Americans suck at math. Mathematician trade deficit ensues... I only find this article interesting because of a talk with my math teacher recently about how most math teachers these days are foriegners, although she isn't, and not that foriegners are bad. But I'm curious if this a bad problem in today's economy or not? Or if this is a problem? What country is good at math? India and China? That's where most of the Silicon Valley CEO's workers are from these days. Or is that political, financial? I don't know. Do you know?
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Gives a whole new poignancy to the term 'hosed'.

Gives a whole new poignancy to the term 'hosed'. Hearing about this sort of destruction always makes me feel like time is running out to see the world's wonders before they're gone.
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Did anyone catch 60 Minutes II last night, and their piece on inventor Dean Kamin? After watching this show I felt that the hype surrounding "IT" may not be unfounded. His company's inventions are truly revolutionary. Plus, the guy has some really cool homes that make Bill Gates' mansion look boring.
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The Business Software Alliance

The Business Software Alliance is trying to spook everyone here in Chicago (and other cities) with a major radio ad campaign and mailing. I don't have a problem with their goal, but I do with their scare tactics. Additionally their radio ads, as well as their web site, encourage disgruntled employees to anonymously blow the whistle on their current or former employers. Do we need to encourage unhappy employment at a time in this society when disgruntled employees can easily become violent? Do we need to emphasize disgruntled employees? Or is this a good way to let off the steam before your kettle blows?
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Police raid Verder dorm room, confiscate computer.

Police raid Verder dorm room, confiscate computer. Now this normally doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary... we always hear about this stuff, right? But check out the web page in question. I think this is being taken just a little too far. I used to be an avid StarCraft player too, and I've seen my fair share of clan pages that have a page like the one that got these guys in trouble. Guess we're still in post-Columbine overcarefulness mode...
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Gore: It was your fault, sleazeball! Clinton: No, it was YOUR fault, automaton!

Gore: It was your fault, sleazeball! Clinton: No, it was YOUR fault, automaton! Reports today indicate that Al Gore and Bill Clinton engaged in a heated hour-long blame fest over who caused Gore to lose the election. (Or, to assuage the bitter, caused him to fail to acheive enough of a majority nationwide that the Florida outcome would not have mattered.) Was it Clinton's fault? Was it Gore's? More importantly, does it matter, or does anyone even care anymore?
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In Defense of Copyleft.

In Defense of Copyleft.
"...during a legal seminar Tuesday in Dublin on 'Copyleft and Open Source Software: History, Applications and Legal Issues,' Free Software Foundation founder and principle GNU developer Richard Stallman argued that the concept of copyright is inappropriate to the digital age and restricts freedom and innovation."

I'm interested to see what people think about the issue of Copyleft, especially as it applies to web technologies and software.
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Man takes pot shots at Bush.

Man takes pot shots at Bush. It begins. I've heard lots of people joking about this. It looks like someone took it seriously, if incompetently. Is that old Indian curse true?
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Librarians against UCITA.

Librarians against UCITA. Librarians on the forefront of preserving the public's right to fair use in copyright law. Kiss your local librarian and ALA member today! For more information, see the ALA UCITA Web site. [Courtesy of ALAWON and NINCH].
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A good explanation of why a missile defense shield should be pursued.

A good explanation of why a missile defense shield should be pursued. Granted, the tech may not be up to the challenge yet, but that's no reason not to try to build it. And if, God forbid, someone was to launch a nuke this way, it would give us a chance of avoiding having to turn someone's country into a glass-covered parking lot.
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Feminist fun for the whole family: Maxim vs Cosmo. What's the difference, really?
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Election Night at CNN called 'debacle' by panel

Election Night at CNN called 'debacle' by panel -- Well thank you, Captain Obvious! For this they needed a "panel"? To be fair, though, CNN did announce some changes to its election coverage policies ...
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Matt has redesigned his home

Matt has redesigned his home and it's certainly not the same as before. It seems to be the season for redesigning your weblog. Lots of change is in the air, and the results are a breath of fresh air, if these sites are anything to go by. (Note too, that he's using custom coldfusion/SQL code on this box to serve his personal site.)
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February 6

"It's like The Day of the Jackal as conceived by Ned Flanders, and produced by the film and video department of a rural Bible college. Hoo boy, is this thing ever an embarrassment." National Review deliciously - and viciously - skewers the movie version of Left Behind, the Christian fundamentalist Rapture novel.
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Eminem vs. Paul Simon.

Eminem vs. Paul Simon. And the Grammy goes to...
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Old Baby Skeleton Found In D.C. Attic

Old Baby Skeleton Found In D.C. Attic I don't usually crosspost stuff here and on my weblog but this one was just too weird to miss:
Contractors installing duct work in an attic found a suitcase containing the skeleton of a baby who apparently died more than 20 years ago, police said. The home was built in 1928 and occupied by members of the same family until the mid-1990s. The last of three elderly sisters who lived there died in 1995 at the age of 102, and the house was sold five years ago.
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One way to get Internet access...

One way to get Internet access... just join the Alaska Army National Guard. From the Nome Nugget newspaper article, "Army National Guard leaders have said they want all 350,000 Guardsmen in the U.S. wired to the Internet by 2005 as part of a plan to improve communication and to create a force of 'Cyber Warriors'".
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Well, that's it.

Well, that's it. We're done for. Ebola hits North America...maybe.
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The space shuttle launches tomorrow at 5:11 pm CST!

The space shuttle launches tomorrow at 5:11 pm CST! I know these launches seem somewhat routine, but it's still the most dangerous job in the world, and each launch still fascinates me. You can watch the launch from the Houston Chronicle's live feed.
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Woman gets drunk, crashes, sues boss successfully

Woman gets drunk, crashes, sues boss successfully A Toronto woman has been awarded CAN$300,000 in a landmark suit. She sued her boss for throwing an office party from which the woman drove home drunk. I am ashamed to be Canadian and I hope that fucking lady gets run down in the street like a dog.
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Ah-nuld for Guv?

Ah-nuld for Guv? Right on the heels of Mr. Schwarzenegger musing on his political future the (left-wing controlled?) press reveals all his dirty laundry. Coinicidence? You tell me...
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County Chairman Rich Crotty wants to ban dancing in new clubs.

County Chairman Rich Crotty wants to ban dancing in new clubs. Assistant County Attorney Joel Prinsell said, "There's no constitutional right to dance with strangers."

Another strange anti-drug law for you.
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This article about Warren Farrell,

This article about Warren Farrell, ex-feminist, now a "masculinist", raises some interesting points for pondering. Is the emphasis on feminism inherently as unfair to men as chauvanism is to women?
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Anti-globalisation protesters "make me want to vomit"

Anti-globalisation protesters "make me want to vomit" says Michael Moore, head of the World Trade Organisation. Which is funny, since *he* makes *me* want to vomit, too. "Because the poorest people on our planet, they are the ones that need us the most", says Mr. Moore. Oh, the sincerity in his words...
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Adam Gopnik on NPR (NB: Requires Real Player)

Adam Gopnik on NPR (NB: Requires Real Player) Gopnik wrote about Paris for the New Yorker for some years. Susan Stamberg interviewed him for Morning Edition today, and he says many things I agree with about what makes for a good city (just to tie into the discussion we've been having about cities).
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Israel: How did it get this bad?

Israel: How did it get this bad?
...they are outraged by the Palestinians, not only for rejecting Mr Barak’s offer but for turning on Israelis with violence. “We gave them everything, and they shoot us,” is, crudely, the Israeli-in-the-street reaction. Disillusioned and bitter, Israelis are blinkered from any point of view but their own; they are blind to a Palestinian perspective.
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"Now it's possible to send a verse from the Koran, an appeal for charity and even a call for jihad and know it will not be seen by anyone hostile to our faith, like the Americans." Osama bin Laden and others are reported to be using encryption to post instructions for terrorist activities on sports chat rooms, pornographic bulletin boards and other Web sites.
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Vatican might name Saint Isidore of Seville the patron saint of Internet users and computer programmers.

Vatican might name Saint Isidore of Seville the patron saint of Internet users and computer programmers. The world keeps getting weirder, doesn't it?
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eToys announced plans today

eToys announced plans today to fire its remaining 293 employees. However, the company plans to continue exploring alternatives to closure.
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Stacy sues Survivor.

Stacy sues Survivor. She claims that producer Mark Burnett urged Dirk and Sean to vote against her rather than against Rudy, in hopes that the last older contestant would not be booted.
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Juno's controversial plan to rent space on your PC

Juno's controversial plan to rent space on your PC -- In exchange for free ISP access, Juno customers will be required to keep their computers on at all times so Juno can sell unused time and space on its customers' hard drives.
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February 5


Amazon.Pay? Amazon has a system to allow site owners and sellers of digital content to get paid....
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Proposed IRS rule could limit the freedom to link.

Proposed IRS rule could limit the freedom to link. The US Internal Revenue Service is proposing a rule that might make it inadvisable for not-for-profit organizations to provide links on their Web sites to any political site. The IRS is proposing to interpret any link to a political site from the pages of a nonprofit as evidence that the nonprofit is "engaging in political activity" and thus in danger of losing its 503(c) status.
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Lost but not forgotten?

Lost but not forgotten? My days of not consuming animals based on the assumption that they are thinking, feeling beings may be swayed by this article on a chicken that lived four and a half years…without a head.
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Hey! What's this thing suddenly coming toward me very fast? Very, very fast. So big and flat and round... Are you one of those people in search of a new extreme sport? Have you considered spacediving?
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Is media bias real?

Is media bias real? MRC has an interesting collection of quotes by the big 3 news anchors comparing how they treated Clinton & GW Bush on the same issue - abortion. It sure looks like bias to me, but then again, I'm biased.
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Engineering students hang VW Beetle from Golden Gate Bridge

Engineering students hang VW Beetle from Golden Gate Bridge -- I vaguely remember hearing about some various CalTech annual pranks over the years - but this one took some effort. So much for non-chalantly transporting a rusty Beetle across the border anymore...
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Way to go, Mr. President.

Way to go, Mr. President. Hmm, odd. If you visit the White House's website and click on the president, the text is right, but the picture seems to be a little off... If it's been corrected, I grabbed a screenshot and put it on my server. I'm sure it's just a sign of the attention to detail to come over the next four years...
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Man, do I need therapy or what?

Man, do I need therapy or what?
Article at wired about the legalization of MDMA for theraputic use in as soon as 5 years. It's defined theraputic effect is "empathy". Discuss.
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Remember DotComGuy?

Remember DotComGuy? He lived in his E-cave for a whole year as a promotional stunt to prove anyone could survive without leaving home as long as they had a laptop and a internet connection. Well he did survive and left the cave on January 1 stating he was taking a break from the net. But now he's back with a new website and a new fiancee he met in a chatroom during his virtual imprisonment. Do we call still call it addiction or a way of life now?
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free music?

free music? Stumbled on this, it seems like a good idea the artists actually approve the download of their mp3s...
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Is Dubya running his own show?

Is Dubya running his own show? GWB came to talk to Congressional Democrats at their retreat and got a key portion of an executive order he just signed wrong, according to some Representatives. Was it a simple misunderstanding or did he just sign something that a handler put in front of him?
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Microsoft announces the product names for the next version of Windows and Office. They'll be called "Windows XP" and "Office XP", respectively.
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Tube drivers strike and the queue system falls apart!

Tube drivers strike and the queue system falls apart! Getting to work was bad enough thanks to strking tube drivers and crack smoking officials at Hammersmith Bus station, now how the hell do I get home?
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A British writer's view of the recent American election

A British writer's view of the recent American election We report. You decide. An issue that will not go gently into that good night.
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According to the exponential math of a Brown University study

According to the exponential math of a Brown University study , if the prison population were to continue growing at the current rate, by 2053 the United States would actually have more people in prison than out. Newsweek tackles "Abuse In America: The War on Addiction." Are drug courts a sensible solution, or just another bandaid?
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Government's 50 Greatest Endeavors from The Brookings Institution. Rebuilding Europe After World War II and Expanding the Right to Vote are number 1 and 2 respectively. Do we give our Government enough credit or should this be compared to a list of Government's 50 greatest boondoggles?
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A new strain of the HIV virus has been discovered and may already be spreading.
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February 4

Ending racism?

Ending racism? This site contains several "exhibits" about race and racism. It makes a pretty non-controversial argument, that racism is evil. But what is racism? Ageism, sexism, ableism, "geneism" and classism all fit the bill put forth here. Can't putting all of these causes under one umbrella be counter productive? [more inside]
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Chack is an artist doing stuff you've never imagined. It's sugar-coated, sappy, happy, cartoony imagery you often find in japanese logos, but the subjects are violent and sexual. Brilliantly funny and shocking. If anyone can translate or knows the story behind this person, please enlighten me. (via andrew and mrpants)
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So Shey tried to order a pair of Nike's from their custom shop with the word "sweatshop" on them. They refused three times, listing a new excuse every time. I smell a great culture jamming project. My suggestion? Let's all go do the same.
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Another unified theory!

Another unified theory! And this time it's not just about physics, but the eternity domain, diallel lines, sunspots, egg resonance, planetary alignment, plant dehydration and the Book of Mormon too.
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Why bother with insurance forms--go to the Luxury Hospital. And they're helping Medicare costs stay low too!! (?)
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Cringeley, from the Pulpit,

Cringeley, from the Pulpit, on Starband satellite internet, and it's use with home LANs and non-Wintel machines. Yes, you *can* get an Ethernet connection to the external box instead of that silly-ass IP over USB thing...
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Nice backgrounder for Hannibal. No spoilers.
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What do the "Gutsiest Broads" like Courtney Love and Hillary Clinton

What do the "Gutsiest Broads" like Courtney Love and Hillary Clinton have that the "Wimpiest Women" don't? By the way who is Darva Conger?
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February 3

Safari is a new service from O'Reilly which allows you online access to a number of their books for a monthly fee. While the concept isn't entirely new, (books24x7 comes to mind), the use of O'Reilly books and the monthly rate has promising potential. [Via Cam]
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Kill a patent, make a bundle.

Kill a patent, make a bundle. This is one of the more creative uses of the web to date. A new kind of matchmaker, actually. Patents are a common source of litigation and often a company accused of violating a patent wants to prove that the patent is invalid. The easiest way to do that is to find "prior art", to prove that the invention described by the patent actually existed elsewhere before the owner of the patent filed for it. So this web site offers prizes ($10,000!) for leads to prior art in specific cases. Those offering the prizes are anonymous, though it's often possible to figure out who they are just by the questions they ask if you have a knowledge of disputes in the industry.
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"Logic Mazes" a.k.a. Theseus and the Minotaur

"Logic Mazes" a.k.a. Theseus and the Minotaur -- Spinnwebe led me to this site, where I spent about four (non-continuous) hours trying to solve the fourteenth maze. Don't follow the link unless you have some time to kill.
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Altavista redesigns.

Altavista redesigns. Again. Seems they're trying a Yahoo/DMOZ feel this time, with LookSmart results as their directory. Didn't they do this once before?
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Is the US really entering a recession?

Is the US really entering a recession? Even with recent layoffs, the last time unemployement was this low before 1999 was 1970. And maybe a recession is not such a bad idea, what with spending outmaching saving in recent years. [more inside]
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An Ode to the Aeron

An Ode to the Aeron -- Something good may come out of the dotcom collapse at last! As they all go belly up, having lavished lots of their venture capital on $2000 office chairs, will the rest of us finally be able to afford these marvels of office architecture, even if we do have to settle for them being used?
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Yahoo launches a 'pay for position' program

Yahoo launches a 'pay for position' program which takes the biggest (and one of the last) purely editorially-led directory sites slap bang into the commercial age of post-banner-ad dot-communism. All fairness to them - it's only in the Business categories, where you might otherwise go and look in the Yellow Pages (where of course you can pay for different sizes of advert already), but will it end there? I fear not...
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"I think it's dead.

"I think it's dead. I think it's over with; it's gone. There is no long-term prognosis. The patient has died. There is no future." That's the web as content medium he's talking about. [more inside]
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Good breakdown of complex free speech case in Canada involving student's threat speech, famous writers (e.g. King, Atwood). (from wood s lot)
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February 2


The XFL takes to the field this Saturday.
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"Penguins wobble"

"Penguins wobble" - a MeFi update (earlier thread here) For those who wondered, Penguins do not topple over backwards over when helicopters pass overhead. A small team of British researchers spent $36,000 and five weeks finding this out. Another study is planned soon with fixed-wing aircraft.
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Kids Korner: "Drugs are Nature's Hugs"

Kids Korner: "Drugs are Nature's Hugs" The real reason you should be using drugs. (A public service announcement from Something Awful.)
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Catholic Church to Kid: "Drop dead"!

Catholic Church to Kid: "Drop dead"! She wanted to take Holy Communion, but had a disease where she couldn't eat the bread. When she asked for a substitute, the Catholic church refused.
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Odyssey 2000 has finally ended but many of the riders had complaints (and one person even lost a leg in Sweden).
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There are insults, and then there's harrassment

There are insults, and then there's harrassment and apparently, a judge thinks that being referred to repeatedly as Monica Lewinsky crosses the line into sexual harassment. A woman's lawsuit against a (now retired) SUNY New Paltz professor may go forward after he called her by the infamous intern's name and made Lewinsky-related jokes towards her throughout a semester. What do you think -- was this just the prof being a mean old jerk, or was this really the creation of a "sexually hostile environment?"
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Man with machete attacks school, injures 3 adults.

Man with machete attacks school, injures 3 adults. It's not known if any children were hurt in the attack. Expect to hear more about this.
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It t'was foretold by the ancients!

It t'was foretold by the ancients! "Come the millennium, month twelve, In the home of the greatest power, The village idiot will come forth To be acclaimed the leader." - Nostradamus [1555] I consider myself someone with mental fortitude. I consider myself not given to listen to foolish ramblings of portents. But in this case I must concede!
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Piece of thumb found in Sandwich in high school cafeteria

Piece of thumb found in Sandwich in high school cafeteria
Said a student: "Our lunch is our most valuable time, and now we have to eat fingers."
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Busted! DEA cooks the books to show a 'major success' in the War on Drugs.
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Bug Chasers

Bug Chasers : According to this article at Alternatives Magazine, there are gay men who are looking for HIV+ partners who will infect them. In fact, it even claims that some people "fetishize" the virus. I'm absolutely stunned. Can anyone confirm that this is really happening?
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The L-5 Society

The L-5 Society was created to support efforts to colonize space (in a very specific way, see article). The interesting part of this history lesson is the hopes people had in the late 60s of living in space in their lifetimes. Was it naivete or something else?
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Pennsylvania School cut father's opportunity to lunch with his son

Pennsylvania School cut father's opportunity to lunch with his son after he has been there every day for four years. Due to his work schedule this is the only time he has to spend with his son.
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the SPLEEN , one of the first sites about art & design, is still up and running. I remember linking to Piotr's site six years ago; at the time I had seen nothing like it.
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51,631 dot com layoffs

51,631 dot com layoffs as of Feb. 01, 2001. Is it that the web allows us to simultaneously view the usual failure of 99% of new businesses, a sign of the coming recession, or just a result of bad business plans and get rich quick schemes? Or was it simply too good to last? Whatever the reason, it's depressing.
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February 1

Dubya wishes to end "discrimination" against churches.

Dubya wishes to end "discrimination" against churches. In regards to his recent faith-based services funding thing, Dubya speaks to the religous folks he's targeting. Apparently, he feels the separation of church and state is "discrimination." Is there any vacancy left in Canada for about four years?
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During the Super Bowl fans were subjucted to a "computerized police lineup"

During the Super Bowl fans were subjucted to a "computerized police lineup" as they were entering Raymond James Stadium. According to law enforcement officials, it was used to "scan the crowd for pickpockets and terrorists..." Now the ACLU has demanded that public hearings about its use be held in Tampa. Were local officials using a legitimate tool of law enforcement or were they acting like Big Brother?
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Press Secretary Gaffe

It isn't just Dubya that's making idiotic mistakes in the White House. The Office of the Press Secretary has posted a transcript of a press briefing, in which they themselves identify a source by name that is supposed to be identified only "on background" and as "a White House official." (Who the hell is John Bridgeland, anyway?)
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Bugtraq sends a trojan to 27,000 mailing list subscribers.

Bugtraq sends a trojan to 27,000 mailing list subscribers. And they did so after having the program carrying the trojan checked by Network Associates, who said (incorrectly) that it was clean. But the height of beauty of this incident is that the function of the trojan was to mount a distributed denial of service attack against the name servers of... (wait for it) Network Associates; which it did, shutting down access to their web servers for a while. Yes, the guy who did it is a criminal. But you've got to admit that he's got style.
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Warner Bros. Denies Manson Will Play Wonka

Warner Bros. Denies Manson Will Play Wonka Nor will Tim Burton direct. I'm actually kind of disappointed. Compared to Nick Cage, Dustin Hoffman, or (bleagh) Robin Williams (as discussed here, March '00,) Manson might have actually been able to creep me out as completely as Gene Wilder did in the original.
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A CNN parody site gets bigfooted.

A CNN parody site gets bigfooted. "Defendant's actions constitute a textbook case of cyberpiracy under the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. CNN and its marks are suffering irreparable harm as a result of Defendant's actions, and they will continue to unless and until Defendant is enjoined." Yeah, right.
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Glassdog redesigns.

Glassdog redesigns. Is this GD8 or GD9? I think I've lost count...
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"Chicken, the deadly white meat."

"Chicken, the deadly white meat." An 8-year-old boy was suspended from school for 3 days after pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying, ``Pow, pow, pow.''
... What else do I have to say?
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Mission To Mars

Mission To Mars What if we could get there in about two weeks?
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Anti-Semitic Microsoft Font

Anti-Semitic Microsoft Font or just another dingbat conspiracy theory? You be the judge!
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"economy failed to grow for the first time in 117 months"

"economy failed to grow for the first time in 117 months"
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I'm Dr. Fetid,

I'm Dr. Fetid, and I like weird music, archived for your perusal.
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Overwhelming majority favors keeping "Star Spangled Banner".

Overwhelming majority favors keeping "Star Spangled Banner". Not fresh (1998 poll) but the topic has come up here several times recently. (more inside)
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Rethinking Mad Cow Disease

Rethinking Mad Cow Disease So ususually when I see a story about an "amateur scientist" who has an "alternative theory" to some issue, I get all gooshy inside waiting to see what insane theory it is this time, but this guy has what seems to be a very credible alternative explanation for BSE/CJD occurrences and some credible science to back him up.
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Copycat Bakings

I'd prefer to read more about copycat bakings than shootings.
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Ev explains the Pyra situation.

Ev explains the Pyra situation. Sad news from the makers of Blogger.
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Blogger, Metafilter and Disturbing Search Requests sweep web awards.

Blogger, Metafilter and Disturbing Search Requests sweep web awards. You go Matt! [More inside]
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Haiku the Blog

Haiku the Blog
MeFi Users look!
Other Blog filled with haiku
click link to read more           [via MacGregor.net]
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